Brown/Blue Spotty

27 April 2011


How many times do you hear that you shouldn't make assumptions?  I tell my GB's this all the time!  So how embarrassed do you think I am right at this moment having assumed who was stitching a bookmark for me in the exchange on Needlecraft Haven?  Shall we just say that I am very pleased that blogging can be camera free ~ otherwise you may be blinded by the glare from my red face! 

Here's the comment that alerted me to my error

I love the bookmark you stitched me Kate,thank you so much.

The beautiful one you received is not from me though - I did not arrange the exchange in pairs. I willbe revealing the stitching details at the end of the month when everyone is back from holidays. Sorry for any confusion.

Thanks for putting me straight with this Clare ~ and apologies to my "real" partner whoever you may be!  I shall just have to wait until ALL is revealed!

I'm just going to crawl away into a corner now and hide!



Clare - Aimetu said...

Oh don't worry Kate - I did think because there was an opening day everyone would put their name in the card as we'd all find out our stitchers at the same time. I'll know next time to be more specific.

I'm sure your partner will reveal themselves soon and it is a gorgeous bookmark.

Mine's in good use already, I've just started reading The King's Speech after enjoying the film so much.

Lesleyanne said...

Ah bless Kate - don't worry I'm sure all will be revealed soon.

Sheilasembroidery said...

Easily done Kate, I'm sure your partner won't mind.

Mouse said...

whoops that is something I would do too :)wafting fan to cool you down love mouse xxxx

Christine said...

Whoops :)
I'm sure you'll find out soon

Julie said...

LOL :-)