Brown/Blue Spotty

10 February 2015

Bookmark Exchange

Back in November Clare who runs the Needlecraft Haven Yuku Group organised our Autumn meet up.  We had a great day and especially so as one of our number had traveled from the USA to be with us.
As part of this meet up we had a secret exchange ~ we each chose a postcard which revealed our partner and the answer to a few questions as hints on potential design choices for stitching our bookmarks.

Kates Flossbox 2015
NH Bookmark Exchange from Clare

Reveal day was 4 February.
This is my exchange from Clare and it depicts one of my favourite things ~ macaroons!
Clare also included some lovely goodies and they have lasted quite well, both packets have been consumed today!

Kates Flossbox 2015
Beaded Butterfly Bookmark
I  picked Lindsay's card and as I know she likes to bead I decided to have a go at making this.  It was a bit fiddly to get going but on the whole I thoroughly enjoyed the beading process

Kates Flossbox 2015
Beaded Bookmark for Lindsay
This was also my 2nd finish from last month's OPAM.

Till next time.