Brown/Blue Spotty

30 March 2012

Less Pins More Papercraft

This is what Carol & I found when we visited the Pins & Needles Exhibition at Gosforth Park yesterday.  It is quite disappointing that there are fewer and fewer exhibitors that cater for stitchers' needs coming to our local show ~ we still managed to buy a few things though.
Summer Splendor from LHN together with a thread pack of the recommended Crescent Colours.
Let's Sew from Ursula Michael ~ loved this when I saw it on the flyer I received from Trudy Anne.
I Do from Heart in Hand with a couple of the threads converted to crescent colours.
Several fat quarters & an half metre of button design fabric
Dale Burdett's book of borders.
Some charms and a copy of Complete Needlecraft by Agnes M Miall ~ first published in 1943, the year my WP's were married.
We did enjoy the day, sitting outside in the glorious sunshine to eat our lunch, meeting people we know (and love) and generally having a good time.
I've spent today doing very little, some exercise, a couple of household chores and some stitching which I will share with you soon.
Hope you're enjoying the warm weather ~ I hear we're about to revert to more seasonal temperatures over the weekend.


29 March 2012

SAL du Printemps

Although with the weather we are having currently you may think that summer has arrived ~ not complaining, just saying. 
I joined this SAL hosted by Marie ~ there are 205 of us taking part.  It's a spring mystery ~ this is my completed Part I
I'm stitching on 23ct linen (colour unknown) with the recommended DMC threads.
Part II should be arriving soon.
Tuesday stitching group met at Sylvia's this week ~ I worked on Simple Joys from LHN.  This was my New Year's Day start, I haven't stitched on it much as other things have taken priority but it's coming along.  No picture to share currently ~ will get to that soon.
Carol & I are off to the Pins & Needles show at Newcastle Racecourse today - hopefully we'll find some goodies to adopt.

28 March 2012

Painting Peregrination

I just love a new word!  Peregrination ~ a course of travel; journey.
Painting is a bit of a journey for me ~ generally into uncharted territory.
I've been hanging onto this little box/tray for some time now ~ it came filled with bathroom goodies and I thought it would be useful ~ someday.  I base coated it with antique white emulsion before taking it up to The Crafts House.  I had half a plan for what I wanted to do with it at the meeting of The Diary Dames on Sunday morning.  Last time I painted some bobbins to use for storing ribbons & trim and I thought this would be a great box to store them in.
My original (half) plan was to paint sewing bits ~ tape measure, pins, scissors etc on the exterior, but life was made much simpler by Sandra who delved into her magic storage boxes and produced some stamps with vintage sewing items.  I love how it turned out ~ just have to wind my ribbons and trim onto the bobbins now. 
More pictures below.


23 March 2012

IHSW Update

I've been meaning to post this report all week ~ not sure where the time has gone really.  I did lose a full day on Wednesday due to the vagaries of the good old NHS ~ 2 hours at our GP surgery followed by 3+ hours at A&E. 
I was a very industrious hermit over the weekend and am very pleased with what I managed to get through.  Saturday I worked on the monthly challenge for Needlecraft Haven, the stitching is complete but I still have the finishing to do.  I can't share this as reveal day is not until Sunday.
I finished Jolly Holiday by Lizzie Kate ~ apart from signing, dating and a couple of buttons.  I left out the rows of white stitching that run either side of the tree ~ they didn't show on my fabric.
I've really enjoyed stitching this one and I plan on finishing it as a small pillow ~ I bought a charm pack at Harrogate last year which I will use for this and also Ho Ho Ho in a Row.  This is my February ornament for the Christmas Ornaments All Year Round SAL.
Next was Jolly from Miss Crescent Crowne (Just Cross Stitch Ornament Collection 2011).  I must apologise for the awful picture.  A really quick stitch ~ I replaced the stitched snowflake with a button from my stash.  This is my March ornament for the SAL, and as you can see it's not quite complete.  I switched the threads for similar colours I already had.

Next was Dawn of Spring SAL from the Friendly Stitchers Group ~ this version is my 4th attempt at a start!  I found that my previous fabric and thread combinations just weren't turning out as I had envisaged.  I'm using the linen band I bought while on holiday in France last year and Dinky Dyes #177 Vintage Plum, one of the silks I was lucky enough to win in a draw that Jo had on her facebook page.

We have a packed weekend ahead of us ~ some wedding stuff tomorrow followed by a trip to buy slate to complete the re-do of our small front garden.  Sunday is the next meeting of the Diary Dames at The Crafts House and I have some preparation work to do before I go if I'm to work on my planned project.

Hope you enjoy what you have planned.


TUSAL Report

And only 1 day late!
These are my ORTs for March

And year to date


12 March 2012

Best Laid Plans....

Yesterday, after being a good house bunny and finishing all the ironing I thought I'd get some time to myself to stitch on Jolly Holiday. I watched a little TV before the LM returned from his run out with the TVR Club and then it all went to pot.
Our main bathroom toilet decided to have a major leak, water was flowing across the bathroom floor and as is it's way it finds a level then comes through the lounge ceiling! At one point it was dripping from the main light fitting - water & electricity definitely do not mix. The LM managed to find the problem and contained it by banning the use of said toilet - nothing else could be done as new parts were required from stores that were closed.
So guess what's happening here tonight - yes Toilet Terrors Part II - I don't think it will be a simple job.
Wish the LM luck - I'm just the gofer.


11 March 2012

Can I Just Say

How much I really dislike frogging ~ Friday was "Frustrating Frogging Friday" and I'm flipping fed up with it!
Moan is now officially over.

It seems like ages since I last wrote a post. We've been away a couple of times ~ once to Berkshire where the LM had business and once to Scotland. Our trip north included visiting a couple of prospective wedding venues followed by a stay with my lovely Sis2 and her family. As usual it was a fabulous weekend, very relaxing. Saturday evening we headed to the village community hall for the pub quiz which was great fun, especially as we won! A naff trophy, a bottle of fizz, tin of chocolates, free DVD rentals and 6 steak pies.

All sorts of everything have kept me busy this week, car tyre repairs ~ don't get too excited, I take it to a man who can!, interviews, Tuesday Stitching Group, Quilting Group, dentist appointments and on Thursday a lovely day out with Carol.
We set off mid morning heading north, it was bright and breezy a nice drive up to our first stop at Quilting Heaven on the 697. We spent quite a while chatting and looking at all the lovely fabric, charts etc before making our respective purchases.
This is my stash ~ 5 fat quarters, only 4 pictured as the fifth will be part of a gift, and a stitchery pattern.
Then we set off for lunch and a stroll around Heighley Gate Garden Centre.  Part of the restaurant gives great views of the birds feeding so we sat watching for quite a while ~ there were some very enthusiastic drakes vying for the attention of the 2 ducks, it got a little vicious at times.  A couple of purchases were made at the garden centre before we set off for home.

I'm still working on my Christmas tree for the Christmas Ornaments All Year Round SAL ~ this is February's ornament and although I'm enjoying seeing it grow it is slow progress.  I've also been stitching a piece for a spring exchange on Needlecraft Haven ~ all finished and I'm really pleased with the finished product, can't show you this until the end of the month reveal date.
Today I'm having a day to myself ~ LM is out with the TVR Club on the first drive of the year and the GB's are working/visiting.  I've filled the time so far with ironing and now that it's all completed I'm going to put my feet up and work some more on Jolly Holiday.
Hope you're enjoying your weekend.