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22 December 2014

Stitch from Stash 2014 ~ December

Well, I made it!  I got through the whole year of Stitching from Stash without too many problems, and without spending all of my budget ~ I feel accomplished.

Budget 20.00
Spent             0.00

12 Days of Christmas panel ~ started 06/12/2014 & almost finished
2014 Sapin d'Elisa - Finished 04/12/2014
istitch Designs Advent SAL 2014
Espresso Yourself by Tiny Modernist

12 Days of Christmas Bunting ~ finished
Merry Christmas Deer from The Little Stitcher
Sablaise 2014 Christmas SAL ~ final part to complete
Christmas Tree by Kelly Fletcher ~ finished, this was my Secret Santa gift

I've already signed up for SFS again ~ I must re-read the rules as Mel has made some changes and I need to stick to the rules.


22 November 2014

Stitch from Stash 2014 ~ November 2014

I'm getting my report in a little early this month so I don't forget!
Thursday was the day for our annual pilgrimage to the Knitting & Stitching Show in Harrogate ~ last year the lovely C & I went via car but this year we were on a coach, it's definitely nice to have someone else drive you there & back and also not to have the parking problem.  I had a couple of things on my list ~ yes, really, just a couple ~ mind you they weren't inexpensive things!  However, even though I managed to get them all I still returned with money to spare ~ and, most importantly, no new charts!  I am determined to get through more of the charts I have already in my stash.

Budget  20.00
Spent             -69.30

I bought:
some NPI silks to start the istitch Advent SAL next month
istitch Advent SAL membership
32ct & 40ct fabrics
Some beads, findings & glue to make earrings
D rings to complete some bunting
A kit which is to be completed as a gift

12 Days of Christmas bunting ~ only hangings to complete
Cape Angels ~ fabric cut out
Storage basket liner ~ finished 11/11/2014
Secret Santa Project
Sablaise 2014 Christmas SAL

A gift for a visiting friend ~ finished
Home of a Needleworker from LHN ~ just spotted a mistake on this on Tuesday ~ not happy!
Merry Christmas Deer from The Little Stitcher

I'm feeling like I have achieved this month ~ it's a good feeling!

Thanks for stopping by.


8 November 2014

A Return to July

While we were holidaying in France back in July I was lucky enough to be able to visit a beautiful store that I have visited many times before in cyberspace.

This is me pictured with Marie Pascalle who was very knowledgeable and so helpful.  The shop is prominently situated on a corner of Rue de Caire in the fabric district

How cool would it be to have storage like this?  I'm not sure where I would put it but I'm sure I could find somewhere!  Just imagine how many skeins of thread you could pack into all those drawers!

The whole shop is packed with stitchy goodness ~ gorgeousness at every turn ~ so many things to look at, choose from, um & ah over ~ and I will definitely make a return visit at some point.

These goodies came home with me ~ treats from the LM

Paris in July was beautifully warm so it's been lovely to think about it again and forget the frosty mornings that have started this week.
Until next time.




6 November 2014

Stitch from Stash ~ October 2014

Can  I sneak in September too?
Life has taken over just a little bit in Mr & Mrs LM world ~ work at work, work at home, boys leaving home.......

Spent              7.63 

My spending was all in October ~ a few DMC's for a Secret Santa project and my copy of the Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornament edition

Another Autumn exchange piece ~ September (may have been August!) ~ finished & mailed
A gift for a visiting friend ~ October ~ almost finished
Welcome Baby from Lizzie Kate ~ ready to make up

Part V of La Pensee Positive ~ Finished 21 October ~ no decision on how to make this up yet
Home of a Needleworker from LHN
Merry Christmas Deer from The Little Stitcher

While I'm typing this it appears that I have accomplished more than I remember ~ I just need to remember to report on a more timely basis!

Happy Stitching from Stash ~ we're almost at the end of this year's journey, I've really enjoyed participating in this challenge and hope to be able to continue in 2015.


15 September 2014

Our First September Finish

It all started on August Bank Holiday weekend

The dismantling of our old conservatory began

It didn't take long to get to this stage

The beginnings of the new glass roof

Really taking shape


 And now all finished
Work has started on the lounge/dining room and we have a deadline as the carpet fitting is booked.  The LM is away on business for most of this week so I am currently enjoying a respite from work being carried out ~ the downside is that the rest of the house looks like a transit shed!  It will all be worth it when it's complete.
Unfortunately while all this has been going on there has not been much in the way of progress with any stitching ~ I have an exchange piece complete but can't share pictures until reveal day later in the month.

30 August 2014

OPAM 2014 ~ August 2014

August is usually the month when we take our annual holiday ~ not this year ~ we've already been home from our trip for over a month now and it feels like a very distant memory.
I have only one finish this month and unfortunately I cannot share any pictures as it is for an exchange ~ reveal date is not until late next month.

I can tell you that my finished piece has an Autumnal theme as part of a Four Seasons Exchange on the Needlecraft Haven Yuku Group ~ it's the second time that I have participated in this year long exchange.

Here's hoping that I can squeeze at least one finish in next month.


29 August 2014

Stitch from Stash 2014 ~ August

Another month has passed and I have very little in the way of stitching to report ~ on the plus side it does mean that I have spent a big fat zero again!


Needlecraft Haven Autumn Exchange Piece ~ Finished ~ I can't share any pictures as it has to be received by my partner.

Part V of La Pensee Positive
Home of a Needleworker from LHN

I don't envisage that there will be much stitching in September either as we are currently in the process of having our conservatory renewed and then the decorating begins.


1 July 2014

NH Four Seasons Exchange ~ Summer

Yesterday was opening day for the Summer Exchange on the Needlecraft Haven Yuku Group ~ I originally stitched a piece which I thought would be great to send to my partner, however I lost the plot when it came round to making the piece up ~ I just completely lost faith in what I was doing.  So, thinking cap was employed and I took off in a different direction and decided to make this:

A wee quilted bag, big enough to carry a small project around.  I love all the dotty fabric, and buttons are a very sad passion of mine.
I downloaded the pattern for this from here some time ago as I thought I could make a few and use them as gift bags for small presents ~ hadn't thought about adding any embellishments at that point.

Here's a picture of the back and also one showing the flowers close up ~ as my partner was Barb I couldn't resist adding a wee sheepy into the parcel.

The exchange is a secret until opening day, usually we receive from a different person than we stitch for, this time we were paired.  Unfortunately Barb is unwell and not able to complete so I had an angel stitcher who made my gift ~ thank you so much Clare for stepping in and making my gift.
 Clare has stitched a beautiful design and set it into a coaster, it was sent along with this gorgeous summery card.  Thank you so much Clare ~ it will be going to work with me tomorrow and residing on my desk.  I'll leave you with a close up of the coaster ~ I'll need to ask where the coaster is from, I have been put off buying coaster blanks previously as the ones I have seen have just not been very nice ~ a bit cheap & flimsy ~ this one is great though.
I'll leave you with a close up of my new coaster.
Till next time.

30 June 2014

May in Review Part II

I shan't rattle on to much in this post ~ I'd rather just share with you some of the photographs from our visit to the Isle of Skye.

North side of the island

Looking down a rather steep hill ~ just how steep not really captured

View of the coral beach near Dunvegan

Our base for this year's stay on Skye


View from our bedroom
Lounge featuring the LM
Lounge at night with stove lit
A wee visitor

Armadale Castle

View for the staircase, Armadale Castle

The LM car

Gorgeous coffee (and cake) at Cafesia
Rear of the cottage (with strange woman in the window!)


29 June 2014

OPAM 2014 ~ June 2014

Well another month, another challenge to report ~ I completely ran out of time to report my OPAM in May, I only had one finish which was originally to be an exchange piece and then I had a change of heart about it. 
This month I have three whole finishes to report ~ I can only share one with you at the moment as item 2 is an exchange piece and opening day is tomorrow, and item 3 is a gift.  So here is the one project I can share with you at the moment:

This is a bag from a class at my LQS Just Quilting on Saturday last week, I completed it on Sunday.  I thoroughly enjoyed the day, it was a small group ~ 2 of us doing part 1 and 2 working on part 2 of a "how many things to make from a jelly roll" class.  I think that Hazel (teacher) had made 10 items in total, lots of bags, case for a rotary cutter, glasses case, tissue covers ~ there are a couple of the other things that I will make at some point.

Happy OPAMing


26 June 2014

Stitch from Stash 2014 ~ June 2014

I missed reporting in via my blog last month ~ there wasn't much to report ~ between weekends away, exams for GB2, plumbing work at home and work there wasn't a great deal of time for stitching ~ and definitely none for stashing. 
Again this month I have not had a great deal of time ~ I did manage to attend a quilting class on Saturday.  The class was organised at my favourite LQS, Just Quilting and was run by a lovely lady called Hazel.  It was designed around making as many projects from one jelly roll as possible ~ fortunately I just happened to have one in my stash!  I did have to buy some wadding, some fabric for lining and a bobbin of thread, however I refrained from spending any of the permitted bonus for this month.

Spent    23.05

Needlecraft Haven Summer Exchange Piece - Finished
Quilted Bag x 2 - Finished

Part V of La Pensee Positive
Love by Bent Creek - Finished


25 June 2014

May in Review Part I

I am aware that we are almost at the end of June ~ I just have a wee bit of catching up to do!
Last month started with a trip to Scotland in the LM car, primarily for the wedding of my niece Liz to her beau, Dale.  We even got a mention on the radio.

We arrived late afternoon on Thursday with the wedding set for 1pm on Friday.  Thursday evening was spent with my Sis2, her husband and his parents having a quiet meal in a local pub.  We saw the bride to be return from her evening out with her matron of honour and the other bridesmaids, we even saw the groom's party as they came for a nightcap before returning to the hotel they were staying in that night.
Breakfast was sizzling hot in more ways than one as the sun streamed through the dining room windows.  Other wedding guests were dotted around the room enjoying a leisurely start to the day.  We decided to take a walk into Pitlochry ~ having spent the day before in the car a stretch of the legs was the order of the day.  We had driven through the town a few years ago, the LM was not sure if he had ever stopped there and it was some 20+ years since I last visited.  Our walk took us up the main street where we met my Bro7 and his lovely wife ~ they live in Cardiff ~ and except for a brief visit from Rob when he was in the NE for work we hadn't seen them since 2011 ~ far too long!  We also encountered Bro2 & his wife talking a stroll.  Our walk took us down to the river and we had a look around the dam and fish lock.
Emergency requests from the father of the bride for blister plasters & lip gloss ~ I must add, not for him! ~ cut our walk short, however we did manage to pop into a small coffee house for a takeaway caffeine fix.
We had a fabulous day, we missed those who could not be with us ~ 2 of my brothers were unable to attend. 
Apologies for waffling on ~ I'll leave you with a few pictures:

Liz & her Grandpa (93 this year)
Just Liz, glowing

Walking up the aisle as husband & wife ~ note the just married looped onto the purple heart button on the back of the dress.  The purple button is the only one that doesn't fasten

My Sis2 Jan, her husband Dave with their daughter Liz & new son in law Dale

Mr & Mrs LM 

Sisters & best friends

Liz checking that Grandpa is ok
The girls from our family

The boys from our family ~ recreating a picture taken at my Sis2's wedding almost 26 years ago

During the evening ~ Liz still looking out for Grandpa

My very clever Sis2 made Liz's dress, the bridesmaids' dresses ~ she also made two tiers of the cake and decorated the whole cake ~ Liz made the top tier.
Fabulous day & fabulous memories.

17 June 2014

Believe It Or Not!

I haven't run away!
We returned from our lovely break away (more on this in an upcoming post) to the wedding & The Isle of Skye and life struck.
Household running repairs, boiler updating, leaking ceilings, weekends away from home, exams for GB2, visits from GB1, a bit of illness etc etc

There has not been a great deal of sewing, although I did have a small finish in May, no details yet as part of an exchange.  I'm on course for a minimum of 2 finishes this month and one of them is a biggie, this being relevant to me - it's not a HEAD or anything like that size.

Work is keeping us both busy, with the LM spending time away from home ~ summer & Christmas tend to be silly season ~ and we are getting home each evening shattered.  We are however getting quite excited for our next wee road trip ~ at the beginning of July we are camping for a couple of nights in North Yorkshire to coincide with the start of this ~ it's fair to say that I am more excited than the LM!  I'm not completely au fait on rules, points or even who rides for who but I have watched Le Tour for about 20 years now and I love it.  This is my first real, live viewing and I'm sure the atmosphere will be magic, the LM is spurred on by the fact that over the wall from the campsite will be the beer tent sponsored by Black Sheep & Theakstons breweries!

See you soon


1 May 2014

Nip, Punch and Persistent Rain

A nip & a punch for the first of the month ~ don't recall what the white rabbit saying is!
This morning we are off on our first TVR trip since September last year, travelling to Pitlochry for my niece's wedding tomorrow.  Really looking forward to getting together with family members that we don't get to see too often.
After the wedding we are heading off to the Isle of Skye for 5 days so the first job today is to pack:
Wedding outfit, kilt, shoes, hat
Walking gear
Sewing bag
Luggage for 8 days
Tool kit
Foodie bits
Etc. into the wee car at the bottom of this post - may end up like an episode of The Krypton Factor!
And we will be doing this in the persistent rain we appear to have been blessed with this morning.


29 April 2014

OPAM 2014 ~ April 2014

Well another month is drawing to a close and I have little in the way of finishes to share ~ or ~ just the one!
This is my completed RSVP acceptance for my Niece's wedding.
It's part of a Bent Creek design called love.  Stitched on Sparklies 28ct Oatmeal Cashel Linen.
I'm delighted that it has been very well received.

I'm close to a finish with another piece and should manage it before the end of the month ~ if not, it will roll into May's tally.
Till next time.


24 April 2014

Stitch from Stash 2014 ~ April

Another meagre month on the stitching front ~ I have managed some but mainly on UFO's.  The good news is that I am on my second consecutive month with zero spend!

Bfwd 47.51
Budget 20.00
Spent 0.00
Balance 67.51

Needlecraft Haven Monthly Challenge for April

Part V of La Pensee Positive
Love by Bent Creek

With that I shall leave you ~ happy stitching from stash.


I have no idea why the spacing in my post is so wide ~ have tried to correct it however Blogger has other ideas!

16 April 2014

Wedding Acceptance

It's less than three weeks now until my Niece's wedding, a long anticipated family event.  We're looking forward to seeing everyone and catching up but mostly to celebrating with Dale & Elizabeth as they exchange their vows.
As the wedding takes place on a Friday and the GB's have study/exam commitments with school & university they are unfortunately not able to join the celebrations ~ a great regret as we never know when the next mass gathering will be and our family is spread around the UK and abroad.
It was relatively easy to find "with regret" cards however we were not happy with any of the acceptance cards for our reply to the invitation.  They appeared standard, un-inspirational and just not special enough.  So, after a little think I decided to take part of the design that I am stitching as a gift for the happy couple and make our acceptance.

The design is part of "Love" by Bent Creek ~ I've changed the colour of the heart from the red which was charted to the Bride's favourite purple.  I was sure it would be well received and it was.  We'll be visiting them in Scotland the weekend after Easter and I will be adding a hanger so it can be displayed when they move into their new home.


11 April 2014

Picture Post - Well Mainly

Firstly my Needlecraft Haven Spring Exchange from Ursh ~ pictured with the lovely card and wrapping paper it arrived with.
I love these Four Seasons Exchanges and I have now signed up for the Summer round.

Next is the pin cushion I received from Bev in the Friendly Stitchers Group Stitchers Day Exchange.  This gorgeous Blackbird Designs pattern has been on my to do pile for such a long time ~ as I'm sure that my lovely friend Carol will attest to.
This piece is backed with a lovely purple felt.

 This is the piece I stitched for Bev in the FS exchange.  It's Sister Stitcher from The Primitive Hare.  I changed up the colours to those I had in my stash and it's stitched on 32ct linen ~ colour unknown.
And this is the reverse side.

I have thoroughly enjoyed taking part in these exchanges and would like to thank my partners Ursh & Bev for the lovely pieces that they have sent to me.  I have a growing collection of pieces stitched by online friends from around the world and they are all very special.

Roll on the next exchanges.