Brown/Blue Spotty

5 May 2012

May Day Weekend

Or is it Spring Bank Geyser?

I had a call from Sis2 yesterday morning, from her home in Scotland some 180'ish miles away from us ~ to tell me about this which was happening a short walk from our house.  There was havoc for much of the day, traffic was re-routed, Fire crews were attempting to pump water away, both on the main road and in the next street down from us where it had apparently flooded into the gardens & garages.  We came home from work to find our only access route closed at both ends ~ mostly to prevent through traffic from casuing further issues ~ we had to drive through traffic cones to be able to get into our little estate.  At that time the water was still gushing ~ only the direction had changed ~ due to a digger bucket being placed over the break in the road the water was now spurting horizontally instead of vertically.

Water is definately a force to be reckoned with ~ here's hoping that they are able to make repairs quickly.