Brown/Blue Spotty

31 January 2011

Weekend Update

Why is it that when you have lots to stitch the weekend time just flies by?
I'm still working on my group birthday gifts and also managed to complete the stitching on my Black Needles piece.  The finishing is stacking up though ....

It was a quiet weekend with domesticity to the fore.  GB1 was studying for the last of his latest round of GCSE modular exams and GB2 was away for the weekend.  LM had car jobs which had been postponed several times due to inclement weather, so I volunteered to brave the supermarket alone and leave him to his tinkering.  Recently we have taken to ordering groceries online but somehow forgot this week ~ it wasn't so bad.
In amongst the laundry, groceries etc I did manage a wee visit to Just Quilting on Saturday as I needed some fabric to complete my valentine project.  There's always a lovely welcome here, and a coffee too ~ you could spend all day looking at all the yummy loveliness.  So many of the gorgeous muted, floral fabrics that Carol has looked great however as this is for LM they seemed somewhat inappropriate, so this is what I decided on ~ apologies in advance for the poor photography.

All You Need Is Love
The Drawn Thread

Stitched on 40ct Antique White Linen with my own choice of thread as I don't have any Gloriana Silk which the pattern calls for.

I think it will work ~ I'll keep you posted.

The week ahead holds a few good things in store ~ Tuesday Group meet at our house, lunch with a friend, an appointment with my hairdresser and hopefully some finishes.

Till next time


29 January 2011

The first of many.......Hopefully

I decided that 2011 was the year to start my own blog! 

I find so many of your blogs inspirational, enabling, amusing and comforting.  Some days I am in awe of the sheer volume you produce, the diversity of both design and discipline and more often than not the oooohh! factor when discovering new patterns, designers or finishing techniques - so a big thank you for the pleasure you have created.

Last year was a very poor year in so many ways - many stresses got in the way not only of stitching but also the general enjoyment of life.  This year is my year to improve things where I can and get by the things I have no control over - I've started well.  Since New Year's Day I have managed to stitch, sometimes crochet (but it's probably best to gloss over this!) each and every day with only two exceptions.  On both occassions sleep was the culprit that caused my lack of progress!

I have a few plans and objectives for the year ahead which I am sure will become moveable feasts as is generally the case where craft is involved!  Here is the list (so far):
  • Stitch a birthday gift for the members of our Tuesday Group - there are 11 of us who met at classes in a LNS and have continued to meet at each others' houses since the shop closed in 2004.
  • Stitch a christmas ornament each month - I have joined to help with motivation.
  • Learn to crochet.
  • Improve my quilting.
  • Decrease the UFO's.
  • Blog regularly!
  • Not buy too much stash! ~ Deliberately small!

That's not too much to ask - is it?  I hope not.

My day has started peacefully ~ sitting with a warm drink watching the light increase and seeing the birds arrive for their morning feast.  Hopefully the frost will clear and we will see a little sunshine today.

Enjoy whatever your day brings to you.