Brown/Blue Spotty

28 March 2014

Stitch from Stash 2014 ~ March

I thought that with March being a few days longer I could manage to fit in more sewing ~ apparently not.  We have been really busy at work, I've done three university applicant visit days with GB2, a wedding, a leaving do ~ all these things have served to reduce my stitching time.

Bfwd 27.51
Budget 20.00
Spent 0.00
Balance 47.51

Stitchers Day Exchange Piece on Friendly Stitcher Yahoo Group ~ can't say anymore until my partner receives it

Started Part V of La Pensee Positive
Love by Bent Creek ~ almost finished now

As I said ~ a bit of a poor show on the stitching front.  I am, however, delighted to have been spend free this month.


27 March 2014

IHSW Update

Just a quick update on what I was up to over the weekend.

We were up and away early on Saturday ~ like 06:30! ~ the LM was very excited as his little pet was finally coming home.  Here she is with her new paint job & wheels

It was beautiful, bright sunshine when we left home ~ as soon as we made the right turn to cross The Pennines the vista changed.  Dark skies with snow lying on the hills ~ it did snow at the highest points too.
The view down into Ravenstonedale

Each time we have had a journey connected with the LM car during the upgrade the weather has been atrocious and Saturday was no exception.
While the LM was stopping off to make a collection I popped over to here to kill a little time before he joined me for lunch.  I browsed the farm shop, gift shop and of course the quilting shop that are all on the site.  We've been here a couple of times previously and always enjoyed our visits to the coffee shop ~ lunch at the weekend was quite a disappointment.
I carried a couple of stitching projects around to work on during the day ~ they came home in the same state as they left.
Sunday was given over to the dreaded H****w**k and when that was finished so was I !!
So as far as IHSW was concerned I scored a huge fat zero ~ I hope you fared better.


17 March 2014

A Few Pictures

As promised I'm back with a few pictures ~ hopefully not too many to bore you all!

Firstly, my completed Part IV of La Pensee Positive.  I have thoroughly enjoyed stitching on this project, although I have been slow with the later parts.  Only Part V to complete and then I will have to decide how I will finish this.  I haven't a clue what I will do ~ I wanted it to be something useful, like a huswif ~ I'm still undecided.

Apart from working on a wedding sampler for my Niece & her intended I haven't really done much stitching.  I have one exchange piece which I hope to finish today and then I can mail both my commitment stitches out tomorrow.

Now for a couple of pictures from the wedding that Mr & Mrs LM attended on Friday.
The venue ~ Close House Hotel.  The hotel and grounds are beautiful and apart from being a little on the chilly side the weather stayed dry.  The ceremony and reception were held here in the main hotel and the evening reception was held in the golf clubhouse.
 Stunning light fitting ~ for some reason the LM seems to have a thing for light fittings! ~ in the room where the ceremony & reception took place.
Mrs LM ~ get a load of me in another dress!  The guys over my shoulder are, L - R, Best Man, Groom, Usher.  Mr LM appears to have been quite camera shy on Friday!
Another shot showing just how stunning this room is - sadly after October this year Close House are no longer hosting weddings. The tables were all named after famous bends on racing circuits and the food and service were fabulous.
Signing the Register ~ well looking like it ~ apparently it is not permitted to photograph the actual signing.  Laura, daughter of the Bride, Jacqui, Paul & Andrew, brother of the Groom.
I couldn't leave without showing you a car shot!
I'm car-less today as GB2 has commandeered Miss Jazzy to go to school ~ payback later is that he has to take me to the supermarket.
I'm off to get myself sorted for a trip to the Metro Centre ~ walking there of course but it's only about 1.5 miles ~ to pick up a few things.


13 March 2014

Busy, Busy, Busy

Too busy if truth be known ~ I'm hoping that things are going to calm down a little after tomorrow.
Despite being busy I have still managed quite a bit of stitching:
  • I have finished Part IV of La Pensee Positive
  • My wedding sampler project is almost complete
  • Stitcher's Day Exchange piece is stitched waiting to be made up
Sadly I don't have any pictures at the moment ~ I would only be able to show La Pensee Positive as the others are gifts.

Over the last couple of weeks I've done a couple of University Applicant Visit Days with GB2 ~ yesterday he drove us to Loughborough in the fog!  His first major drive, all 175 miles, not bad for someone who passed his test less than 80 days after turning 17.  We have one more visit, next Friday, at a local university before he will be making his desired and insurance choices.  Hard to believe that we will soon be empty nesters.

Tomorrow Mr & Mrs LM are off to a wedding ~ I'm hoping that the weather stays bright & dry ~ it's friends from the TVR Club and is being held at a local hotel.  Unfortunately the LM car has not returned home yet but I'm sure there will be plenty other TVR's on display ~ perhaps I'll show you some of them over the weekend ~ I can hear you yawning already!

Happy Thursday


1 March 2014

TUSAL March 2014 #1

I'm not too sure how I have managed to remember today's new moon ~ whatever the reason here I am to show you a picture of my ORTs.

Unfortunately I haven't got round to finding a new jar yet and they won't all fit into the tin without being squished too much ~ so my latest ORT's are unceremoniously dumped in a pile on the desk!
However, they are reported and on time too.  I'll try to sort out something more appropriate for storing them before the next new moon.
Our weekend is mostly about getting things done ~ I have an hair appointment this morning and then the chores begin.  If I'm efficient enough I may get to stitch all day tomorrow ~ but I'm not counting on it!
Have a fabulous weekend.