Brown/Blue Spotty

13 March 2014

Busy, Busy, Busy

Too busy if truth be known ~ I'm hoping that things are going to calm down a little after tomorrow.
Despite being busy I have still managed quite a bit of stitching:
  • I have finished Part IV of La Pensee Positive
  • My wedding sampler project is almost complete
  • Stitcher's Day Exchange piece is stitched waiting to be made up
Sadly I don't have any pictures at the moment ~ I would only be able to show La Pensee Positive as the others are gifts.

Over the last couple of weeks I've done a couple of University Applicant Visit Days with GB2 ~ yesterday he drove us to Loughborough in the fog!  His first major drive, all 175 miles, not bad for someone who passed his test less than 80 days after turning 17.  We have one more visit, next Friday, at a local university before he will be making his desired and insurance choices.  Hard to believe that we will soon be empty nesters.

Tomorrow Mr & Mrs LM are off to a wedding ~ I'm hoping that the weather stays bright & dry ~ it's friends from the TVR Club and is being held at a local hotel.  Unfortunately the LM car has not returned home yet but I'm sure there will be plenty other TVR's on display ~ perhaps I'll show you some of them over the weekend ~ I can hear you yawning already!

Happy Thursday



Gillie said...

Wish you and the LM could bring the car over here, for a small village we have a big car show every summer ! Well done to GB2, fog is no fun. We are back to snow driving, sigh.

Clare - Aimetu said...

You do sound busy but with fun things too, I hope you find time to keep stitching :-)

Julie said...

Well done to DS on his long drive.
Have fun at the wedding!

Barb said...

Look forward to seeing your pics at a later date Kate, Well done driving all that way to your son,fog is horrible to drive in at least being a passenger not a driver I do not like it. Hope the he makes a good descision on the uni,sure he will. Enjoy the wedding and I am not yawning.