Brown/Blue Spotty

21 February 2012

IHASW & A Birthday

Well this last weekend was a hermitting one ~ I managed some progress:
A little progress on my LHN Simple Joys ~ this was a gift from the very lovely Barb last year.  I made a start on this one on New Year's Day while we were staying with Sis2 and her family.  Stitching over 1 on 28ct evenweave, it's quite slow progress but I'm really enjoying it ~ probably because there's been no sign of the wee green ones!  I may change my mind if they decide to turn up.
Most of my stitching over the weekend was concentrated on Jolly Holiday by Lizzie Kate ~ this is my February contribution to the Christmas Ornaments All Year Round SAL ~ this month's theme was Christmas Tree.  I searched through all my Ornament Magazines and found lots of trees ~ I just wasn't inspired to stitch any of them.  Then I remembered winning this one in a giveaway from Maggee back in April last year, and I'm loving it so far.  If I remember correctly next month we get to choose our own theme.  I also managed a little on a piece that I'm doing for a spring themed exchange on Needlecraft Haven.
Last week saw another birthday for me ~ don't they come round with alarming speed?  I was treated to some gorgeous gifts.
I haven't been able to wear my old watch since the last night at hospital with my Lovely Mum. 
So the hugely thoughtful LM bought me this one ~ it's a complete change from the previous one, even has a bit of sparkle with the four crystals.  I love it!
We had a very brief visit from Sis2 and her DH on Sunday and they brought me this glass wall hanging.  Beautiful colours and of course perfect subject matter for me.  If you don't already know I have a bit of a "thing" for hearts.  It's staying in it's little corrugated card box until I decide where it will reside, probably in our room with the many other hearts that are already there ~ still I don't want to make any rash decisions.
We'll be seeing Sis2 and her family again over the weekend as we are off to view a couple of venues for the wedding and they're both up in Scotland ~ perfect to spend more time with them.  We'll be seeing both of their daughters too ~ the youngest of which was engaged a couple of weeks ago so there might be fizzy stuff involved!

Next up is this gorgeaous heart themed gift from Carol (the lovely C) ~ the most gorgeous linen, buttons and a heart shaped glass dish.  Thanks Carol, I still haven't decided what to use the fabric for.  It needs to be something very special so it might be some time before you see it again.
This cute little package from Doreen came with an intriging message on the tag ~ some gorgeous co-ordinated spotty (another favourite) fabric.  I opened the fabric out to find the following details on the selvedge.  How lovely is that!  Thanks Doreen ~ not sure I will be able to cut this one.
 I had other gifts, a frame to hold a photograph from the WP's wedding, almost 69 years ago, lovely flowers, pink fizz and chocolates ~ thanks to everyone for being so kind.
I have been blog reading I just don't seem to have sufficient time to comment much at all ~ so apologies.  I'm hoping this will change soon and I can get back to leaving comments each time I visit to read what you have all been up to.
We're enjoying some milder weather today and the sun is shining too ~ always a boost to see it.  Have a great Tuesday.


16 February 2012

Playing Catch Up

Do you ever have the feeling that no matter how hard you try you just can't keep up?  I'm currently treading the hamster wheel of life!
Almost 2 weeks ago this wonderful package of goodies arrived, yes I am just telling you now!
This was a New Year's giveaway that I won on Sarah's blog ~ Craftymoo.  It's full of great charts and fabric & a little bag that could be used for small projects.  What I haven't pictured is the little tray of heart shaped chocolates that were also included ~ and that's not because I've eaten them either!  Thank you so much Sarah ~ I already have a plan for a few of the lovely things you sent.
I have nothing I am willing to share with you from my workshop at Just Quilting on Saturday ~ I'm waiting until things are a little more finished!  It was a small group and we all tried at least three of the available projects ~ another lovely day thanks to Carol & Doreen, even if we didn't get a carrot cake muffin!
Sunday was the meeting of The Diary Dames up at The Crafts House ~ as usual I had no fixed idea for what I wanted to create.  I looked around, there is just so much to see there, spoilt for choice really.
While I was mooching I found this absolutely gorgeous minature tray ~ I wasn't sure what I would do with this, still not sure yet, but it was definitely coming home with me. 
These bobbins where what I eventually decided to work on.  Painted on one side and decorative paper on the other ~ they will be put into service for storing ribbon, lace and trim.  I have a wooden box that originally held gift toiletries that may be perfect to house the bobbins so that could be my next painting project.
I have some lovely things to show you next time, just waiting for some decent light to take photographs ~ hopefully if won't be too long before I post again.


10 February 2012

Friday Finish

Unfortunately it's not a stitching one - today was my last day at my temporary assignment where I have been working for the last 11 months.  So back here, yes August, I had leaving cards & presents as the post holder returned from her maternity leave then.  However, I was asked to do some additional work on a project that the MD wanted to have completed, then things escalated into several projects, and sorting out areas that weren't working etc.  So it was a good run, it's had ups & downs but on the whole I've enjoyed my time there and made some lovely friends.

Last week it was The Lovely C's birthday and this is her present.  It's fair to say that she's a bit of a button-o-holic so when I first saw this I thought it would make the perfect gift.  It's a little storage box and I added some goodies ~ threads, ribbons & trim, a quilters quarter, stitch ripper etc together with the ribbon bow on the lid.  I might need one myself!  See that quilt in the background?  I have a couple of stories to tell you about it ~ you'll have to wait though.
We have a busy weekend ahead of us ~ a friend's 60th birthday party, a family golden wedding party, I have a valentine themed workshop tomorrow at Just Quilting ~ all things heart ~ right up my street.  Then it's the meeting of the Diary Dames for a painting session at The Crafts House on Sunday morning. 
The GB's are finished school for a week for half term ~ has it registered with them that I'm going to be home with them next week, doubt it.  Sorting out and bedroom tidying could be high on my to do list ~ probably hasn't even crossed their minds, can you hear the cries of delight?  Yes, I know I'm wicked ~ it's a parental sport to keep them on their toes.
I'm hoping to have a finish to share with you next time ~ possibly more than one.
Have a great weekend.


8 February 2012

Travelling Pattern's Next Stop

The newest member of The Stitcherhood will be Julie, and once I have address details the Travelling Pattern will be on it's way.
Remember if you have not yet been chosen to be part of The Stitcherhood please follow the pattern from blog to blog ~ it could be you next time.
Julie could you please contact me with your details. I hope you enjoy stitching this as much as I did.


1 February 2012

My Bag's Are Packed, I'm Ready To Go

Yes Bloggers The Travelling Pattern is once again ready to set off on the road again.
Count Your Blessings
Shakespeare's Peddler

Stitched on 35ct linen band
Recommended threads with two substitutions

I have absolutely loved stitching this design ~ there is the small matter of a wee bit of personalisation, three stitches missed from the top section.  All it needs now is date & signature and to be finished up into a hanging.  I have a small metal hanger that I believe will be the perfect size, just have to find it!

So if you would like to be the next Travelling Pattern stitcher there are a few rules :

1. comment on this post saying you would like to be part of the stitcherhood
2. by leaving the above comment you agree (if you are chosen) to stitch the design and send it along to the next person in a timely manner. if this means dropping eveything in your rotation to concentrate on this project, so be it. if you cant bring yourself to do this don't sign up

3. you must have an active blog to partcipate. if you have a blog but never post to it you wont be chosen to be the next stitcher.

4. this is a giveaway type traveling pattern. that means you must follow it from blogger to blogger to enter each time it is ready to send along. commenting on this post doesn't make you a guaranteed part of the stitcherhood.

this Travelling Pattern has been a wee bit of a globe trotter and so far been stitched by:-

1 Sharon of its daffycat Oklahoma USA
2 Karen of Karens Handiwork, South Carolina USA
3 Patty of Hanging on by a thread, Florida USA
4. Terrri of chocolates for breakfast, stitching for lunch USA
5. Lynda of a cozy little place for stitching, Oregon USA
6. Nataly of Natalys needle creations, Massachusetts, USA
7. Erin of fairy tales and french knots, NY USA
8. Jo of Serendipititous stitching, Suffolk UK
9. Mouse of tales of a a stitching mouse, South Yorkshire UK
10. Sally of stitchyangels treasures, East Yorkshire UK
11. Lesleyanne of Lesleyannes life of stitches, Northamptonshire, UK
12. Michelle of stitchercraftplace, Staffordshire, UK
13 Kath of kaths stitching heaven, Barnsley, South Yorkshire UK
14 Christine of The Alchymyst's Study, Cornwall, UK
15 Kate of Kate's Flossbox, Tyne & Wear, UK
Deadline for commenting is midnight (UK time) Monday 6 February 2012 with the winner to be announced shortly after.