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22 August 2011

Kind Words, Flowers & Memories

My latest temporary assignment drew to a close on Friday last week.  Fortunately I have been asked stay on for a while longer to carry out some system reviews and report my findings & recommendations.
To mark the end of my "watch" the MD organised a little thank you ~ these pretty roses were part of it.  I was very touched by the kind words and gifts ~ I've really enjoyed working with the staff there.
Now I have to admit to having a wee irrational phobia where roses are concerned.  When we were young we walked with Dad to visit Grandma & Grandpa each Sunday morning while Mum was busy making lunch and baking.  Often when Dad's roses were in bloom he would cut a bunch to take for Grandma ~ I remember one time when I was carrying said bunch of roses that an earwig came creeping out and I have associated roses with this ever since ~ silly or what?  Our Sunday morning visits were memorable for other reasons too as we were always treated to fizzy orange, cheese puffs and chocolate teacakes while the grown ups were having their cup of tea. 
As gorgeous as these roses are I couldn't keep them at home ~ my Mum has always loved roses so she now has them in her room ~ they brought a smile when I visited on Saturday, I can only wonder at what her thoughts were ~ I bet she wasn't thinking about earwigs though!
My weekend has been full of allsorts ~ shopping, ironing, opticians appointments, organising and wondering what the week ahead will bring.  GB2 has a birthday to celebrate, GB1 has exam results to collect, we have dentist appointments to attend, new glasses to collect and general busy-ness to sort things out for the return to school in September.
Have a good week.



Barb said...

If you dont succeed at first! hope it lets me post this this time.
Love the roses Kate colours are fabulous together. I too had an experience with earwigs in Dahlias and like you I cannot bear the thought of them in the house. I do love roses though. Awww bless your Mum she loved the flowers too by her reaction. Hope the week brings good celebrations for GB1 and 2. Our grandson gets his results this week too.
Enjoy your week.Hugs

Sally said...

Those roses are gorgeous Kate. Isn't it funny how those childhood memories stay with us with things like that?

Good luck to GB1 for his exam results. My DD will be getting hers too.

Sheilasembroidery said...

I hope exam results are good and that work continues for you. Sorry to hear about the earwig problem. I love roses on the bush but must admit to them drooping on me when they are brought into the house. So I admire them from afar.

The Crafts House said...

Hi Kate..glad you got some appreciation you deserve it

jane said...

Kate, your blog did make me smile. When I was a child my mum grew dahlias, beautiful ones which she used as cut flowers to decorate the house and as gifts for friends.
My job was to cut them and then hold them upside down and shake the earwigs out!! To this day I avoid dahlias and could not possibly have one in the house! So nice to know that I am not the only one!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Those are GORGEOUS roses!