Brown/Blue Spotty

29 April 2011

I'm A Winner!

A wee while ago I was lucky enough to be drawn in Christine's blogaversary draw ~ well, a package arrived!
Look at all these gorgeous goodies ~ aren't they fabulous?
Pretty floral fabric ~ perfect for for finishing.
Crafty Kitten murano fabric ~ Lemon Sorbet ~ yum.
Eventide Designs ~ The Honey Bees chart complete with little bee charm.
Needle Necessities overdyed thread.
2 packs Mill Hill seed beads.
A spring flower brooch ~ cleverly made from a zip.
A beautifully stitched strawberry ~ how gorgeous is that?
And inside that teeny little blue gift bag is the sweetest little frog ~ yes I did just call a frog sweet! ~ he's made from Cornish tin and Christine wrote on her card "I hope he can keep his big brothers away!"  I will photograph him when I have found him a new pad at my place ~ he's been christened Cornelious
Christine Thank You so much.  I really appreciate all the time and effort that you have put into this ~ I love all of it!

27 April 2011


How many times do you hear that you shouldn't make assumptions?  I tell my GB's this all the time!  So how embarrassed do you think I am right at this moment having assumed who was stitching a bookmark for me in the exchange on Needlecraft Haven?  Shall we just say that I am very pleased that blogging can be camera free ~ otherwise you may be blinded by the glare from my red face! 

Here's the comment that alerted me to my error

I love the bookmark you stitched me Kate,thank you so much.

The beautiful one you received is not from me though - I did not arrange the exchange in pairs. I willbe revealing the stitching details at the end of the month when everyone is back from holidays. Sorry for any confusion.

Thanks for putting me straight with this Clare ~ and apologies to my "real" partner whoever you may be!  I shall just have to wait until ALL is revealed!

I'm just going to crawl away into a corner now and hide!


26 April 2011


Saturday was reveal day for the Needecraft Haven bookmark exchange.
This is the bookmark from my partner Clare ~ full of butterflies, blooms and a birdhouse!  The colours are just perfect for spring ~ thank you so much Clare, it's already tucked inside my book!  Clare also sent me a lovely card and three DMC threads.

This is my bookmark for Clare - Spring Tulips by Glory Be.  Stitched on 28ct evenweave ~ snapdragon with various silks from Dinky Dyes, Stef Francis and #4050 DMC Variations.  It was backed with a spring green small check gingham fabric.

I really enjoyed participating in this exchange ~ thanks to Clare for organising it.

I have now heard that my partner in the Spring Pin Cushion exchange on The Friendly Stitchers Group has received the package that I sent ~ I was getting quite concerned about this as it was mailed 17 March!  Alls well that ends well and with some assistance from one of the Mods ~ thanks Mouse ~ the package has been collected from the PO in the States.
This is Stitching Buds by My Big Toe Designs.  It was stitched on 28ct evenweave ~ Astor with Sweet Babycakes from SSS, Poblano Pepper from CC and Smokin' Needles from Polstitches.
I added a small scissors charm and a few flower beads.  The background fabric was used to back the pin cushion.
Well, it's the end of my Easter break and LM & I are back to work this morning.  Fortunately this week contains only 3 working days for us before we have another 4 day weekend ~ I'm already looking forward to it!

Tuesday stitching group tonight ~ I will be putting the finishing touches to a scissor fob ~ the last of my current exchange pieces ~ ready to mail out tomorrow.

Enjoy your day.


24 April 2011

Giveaway Win!

A few weeks ago I took part in Maggee's Name Yourself Day giveaway ~ you had to leave a comment describing what you would name yourself and the story behind choosing that name.  I was lucky enough to be drawn as one of the three winners!  Maggee very kindly sent the charts pictured ~ Seasoned Greetings by ByGone Stitches, French Country Snow Globe by JBW Designs and Jolly Holiday by Lizzie Kate.  Maggee also included an eco friendly package ~ the small packet at bottom left ~ these are small flower shapes of bio degradable paper that is embedded with wild flower seeds.  I hope to pot these up soon and I'm looking forward to seeing the results.  Thank you so much Maggee.

We've been busy the last few days ~ LM spent Friday pottering outside, weed and feed was added to the lawn, the shed was re-painted, garden waste disposed, patio furniture and decking cleaned down ready for use and general outside clear up.  GB1 was providing service with a smile (I hope!) to the coffee drinking general public and I spent all day ~ yes All Day ~ in GB2's bedroom.  We cleaned ~ well that was mostly me,  matched electrical goods with their long lost cables, chargers & instructions, cleared the wardrobe of clothing that no longer fits etc etc.  Have you ever seen the Michael McIntyre sketch about "the man drawer" well basically that refers to GB2's bedroom!  The only difference ~ I think the man drawer is probably cleaner!
We've had birthday's too ~ my lovely Mum was 87 ~ I had a short visit with her on Saturday together with my Dad and Sis2.  LM clocked up another year too!
I joined Carol & Doreen at Just Quilting for a spot of sewing on Saturday afternoon ~ I started a new bag and got some fabric for making up The Sampler Lady.  To top Saturday off ~ LM and I enjoyed chinese take out for dinner.
I'm hoping that the weather improves for the remainder of the weekend as I'd like to spend some time outside.

I will be back quickly with an update on exchange goodies ~ just need some daylight for photographs.
Happy Easter.


21 April 2011

Bunting, Being Good & Boys

Our Tuesday stitching group met up on The Hill this week for a spot of painting with Sandra and this was our project.  Lovely wooden bunting.
The table was set ~ very neatly ~ with our kits and the necessary tools and supplies.  Tea, coffee, cake & biccies in plentiful supply.  There is definitely an art to being able to complete your project and manage to eat & drink ~ I need little more practise I think!

We painted the sides and back of our flags then added patterned papers to the front.  The flags and card letters were inked at the edges.  We embellished with gold paint, fine black pens, buttons and bling ~ sorry it doesn't show on my photographs ~ and we all finished.  Another fabulous workshop evening.  Mine is currently hanging from this wooden blind..
Following our spring workshop with Sandra the Lovely C and I will be returning to complete the other seasons in June, September & December and I'm really looking forward to them.

I have been really good ~ honest indian!  My exchange that arrived last week is still trussed up in it's envelope but I only have to wait until Saturday so not much longer.  I mailed my envelope on Monday and I hope that my partner likes what I made ~ I will show pictures once the reveal has finished.

And finally, boys and not just any boys! Those of the GB variety ~ our GB1 & GB2.
I love this sepia toned drawing, it hangs on our lounge wall.  It's almost 13 years old and always makes me smile.  I date it from knowing that it was completed prior to GB2 getting his glasses, just before his 2nd birthday.  The company that did the drawings came to the nursery that the GB's attended to take photographs which were then used to complete the drawings.  I have been trying to find the details of the company as I might like to have an updated version ~ not sure that the GB's will be over enamoured with my idea, but I shall just have to withhold pocket money persuade them.
I am looking forward to the holiday weekend ~ we have birthdays to celebrate, including my Mum & LM.  I'm hoping for lots of stitching time, the last of my exchange pieces just needs making up ready to be mailed on Tuesday.  I'd like to try to finish Grace as I have a new start in my head ~ need to practise with some soluble canvas (provided by the lovely C - Thanks) to see if my idea works.  Success or failure I shall let you into the secret once I get going.
Till next time.


20 April 2011

Late Weekend Report

I can't believe how fast last weekend passed ~ I must have been having too much fun!  Saturday I paid a quick visit to Just Quilting as I wanted to look for some fabric to make up my Sampler Lady.  I had a lovely chat and coffee with Carol, Doreen & Viv but unfortunately no fabric purchase ~ it's not that there wasn't any I just forgot to take Grace with me!  So I shall have to go another time.
It was the monthly EG meeting in the afternoon and we had a wonderful talk from Helen Dickson.  She told us of her journey through her textile learning ~ it was very interesting.  She brought many things to show us too and they were amazing.  Pop over and check out her blog. 
I called into Town (Newcastle) on my way home to look for a shop I had been told about ~ didn't find it!  I did however find something else which I will tell you about another time.

Sunday LM and I set off in the LM car to Berwick ~ picnic on board and roof off.  It was cool but a lovely drive up.  We walked along the pier and read about the Lowery Trail, apparently Lowery was very fond of Berwick ~ something I was unaware of until our visit.  We sat close to the pier with our picnic that LM had prepared for us ~ followed by a wee snooze.  Here are some pictures of our day.
Berwick beach & pier.

 Sailing dingys & a signature on the pier walkway.

 Flowers on the pier wall.

 The last two pictures were taken from the passenger seat of the LM car ~ while it was moving! 

LM drove back via the Northumberland Coastal Route, well most of it, he got a bit side-tracked and turned off the coast route!  Can I just say ~ blond!  It was quite breezy on the way home but still an enjoyable journey.

The GB's had plans for Sunday evening and I was the elected taxi driver - GB2 was dropped off at the speedway to see the Newcastle Diamonds ~ and collected again at the end ~ and GB1 was staying over with a friend and needed a ride there.  Unfortunately for us this meant we had to change our plans for dinner as the time between speedway drop off and pick up was insufficient to comfortably cook and eat our planned meal ~ I was only planning on eating it ~ LM does most of the cooking in our house!  So our steak and peppercorn sauce was postponed to later in the week ~ and it will be well worth waiting for too!

Our usual Tuesday stitching group changed tack this week with another visit to The Hill for an evening of painting with Sandra ~ I will take a picture of my finished project later ~ it's already hanging up!  As usual we had a brilliant night ~ thanks Sandra.

Till next time (hopefully after some sleep!)


PS ~ does anyone have any advice on picture posting in Blogger? ~ mine always appear a little sloppy.

14 April 2011

A Small Finish and Exciting Mail

Hello again!
This is the small finish I mentioned in my last post ~ Winter by The Stitcherhood.  Stitched on 18ct natural aida with WDW & GAST floss.  I plaited some #8 perle cotton for the hanger.
It was a very quick stitch.

And this is the back ~ simply finished with just my name and the year.
I really enjoy small finishes, especially when they are finished with back stitch/whip stitch.  It's so simple to complete ~ although this time for some strange reason I back stitched with 2 strands of DMC which I kept splitting when doing the whip stitch ~ won't be doing that again in a hurry.

Now onto the exciting mail ~ this arrived today ~ it's from my partner in the Spring Bookmark Exchange on the Needlecraft Haven Group.  Sadly this is all I can show you at the moment as we can't open our envelopes until 23 April ~ which is ages away yet!

I have told myself that I do have enough energy and will be off to Zumba class later!

Enjoy your evening.


Fabulous Giveaway

Pop on over and check out Amy's 3rd blogaversary giveaway at Cross Stich & Cupcakes ~ it's amazingly generous!  There are no less than five giveaways and all are fabulous!

I am grateful that Thursday has arrived ~ this week has been extra busy and I am really looking forward to some down time at the weekend. I'm having my nails done Friday evening ~ a rare occurance, it's the next EG meeting on Saturday and I will be trying to have plenty of stitching time if I can manage it.  I may even go to another Zumba class tonight if I can muster up the energy ~ did my first one on Monday evening.  I'm not graceful or co-ordinated but it was good fun and I definately know that I did it!

I have a small finish to share with you next time ~ just need to remember to take some photographs.


11 April 2011

Tamara Veronica Rochester

This is what I christened the LM car when she first arrived at our house several years ago. 
Well yesterday she managed to survive a trip out with me driving!  Armed with sunglasses and a less than attractive but completely essential cap (no Bridgett Jones hair for me!) we set off.  I didn't want to drive from home, our street has an unforgiving incline up to the junction and I just wasn't confident enough to give that a go on my first outing, also wasn't keen on any neighbours watching just in case I made a hash of things.  So LM drove to a car park a short distance away.  It was a slow start ~ pulling away in first seemed difficult so I had one trip around the car park and then out onto the roads. 
The destination was an out of town retail park, mostly motorway or dual carriageway on the journey there so it was a little noisy with the roof off.  I even managed to park ~ although I did choose a spot well away from other vehicles.  It turned out to be a productive trip as we were able to get a few things and also had a treat in the form of coffee at Starbucks ~ apologies to GB1.  The roof came off again for the return journey and we took a more scenic route home via Durham, and Lanchester ~ plenty of opportunity to practise gear changes, braking and pulling away at junctions going this way.  In all I  drove a little over 60 miles and loved every minute of it!  Can't wait to do it again.
I have a busy week ahead with a couple of deadlines to meet ~ both work and stitching.  LM is away for a couple of days again and the GB's finish school Friday for the Easter break.  I'm hoping that the lovely weather will continue but I shan't hold my breath!
Have a good week.


10 April 2011

Gorgeous Grace

I told you earlier in the week that Grace was looking much improved since I frogged and re-stitched "Needleworker"

 I'm much happier now and I've completed a bit more too.  I hope it won't be too much longer before she is finished.
She is really quite petite stitched over one - the scissors are 4" long.
 I'm now looking at ideas on making her into something ~ I have decided that I don't want a framed piece.

It's gorgeous today in my part of the world ~ I have laundry whirling in the breeze and more in the machine, all the windows open to let in the lovely spring air and I'm doing bits of this and that.  Bees and butterflies are floating around outside ~ lovely signs of spring. 
The LM car has rear wheels again and has been cleaned and polished to within an inch of it's life ~ he's now pootled off to the TVR CC  meet.  Don't ever tell LM I said pootled ~ I'm sure it's quite inappropriate when speaking of the LM car!  He'll be back in an hour or so and then it's my turn to "pootle" ~ nervous or what!


9 April 2011

Saturday Sewing

Last year I was invited to go to a stitching day with one of the ladies from the TVR CC ~ the first opportunity I had to go was October and it was a lovely day.  It's held in a teaching room above Just Sew in Penrith, and I have stitched on various projects over the months.  Our group meet the 2nd Saturday of the month so this morning I set off at 7:45, collected a friend and we took the journey across the A69 in glorious sunshine arriving a little after 9.

Today I finished (almost) my heart ~ this was from the foundation piecing class that I took at the Pins & Needles Exhibition last week.  It still needs it's ribbon hanger and bow ~ but today I found that more than a little irritating, so rather than make a mess I set it aside.  It's a little lumpy round the edges ~ not sure how to eliminate that ~ did I need to stuff it a bit more do you think?

We had a walk out at lunch to a local deli for gorgeous ham, brie and onion confit baguettes.

I also managed to finish my bookmark for the exchange I'm participating in on the Needlecraft Haven board.  You will have to wait a while before I can show you the photographs.

I needed to get a button to add to my heart so while I was downstairs in the shop I had the obligatory mooch around and found this lovely trim to add to my stash.  Just love the colours.
I didn't dare start to look at the fabric!  I shall have to remember to take the camera with me next time to show you just what they carry.

We had a great journey home ~ it was 21C when we set off ~ in April!

We are going to try eating out here tonight and tomorrow I am having my first drive in this............

I have been assured by LM that it will have rear wheels by then!

Have a lovely evening


PS ~ yes that is LM, not looking too lovely covered in car goop!  Still he's happy!

8 April 2011


The Prmitive Hare is having a giveaway to celebrate their first anniversary on 11 April.  It's a surprise! 

I'm up late catching up with emails & blog reading ~ but hey tomorrow's today is Friday.


Edited ~ Adding Happy Birthday Wishes to Bro5

4 April 2011

Can You Guess & TUSAL

Do you know what this is?  Could you hazard a guess?
Answers on a postcard please to:
Perfectionists Department
Kates Flossbox

Yesterday was the TUSAL reporting day ~ yes, I am late again! I took the photographs and then the time just ran away from me. Don't you find that weekend time goes much faster than weekday time?

Here are my meagre offerings for this month - including the raggy pile from above.

And below is a picture of my year to date ORTs

The raggy pile at the top of the page used to be "Needleworker" on my Sampler Lady ~ did you guess?  I couldn't classify my mistake as personalisation in this instance so yesterday afternoon I sat down with my quick unpick and ripped it out ~ literally!  It's now re-stitched and I'm much happier ~ update photographs later in the week.

Our household were back to school and work today ~ LM set off at stupid o'clock for Preston and is currently travelling from there to London.  GB1 is serving coffee to the shoppers of the NE and GB2 is skillfully avoiding any life responsibility ~ oh to be 14 again!
I'm off to seek stash to embellish my patchwork heart and to work on the finishing of a bookmark for an exchange on Needlecraft Haven ~ who knows I might even get two finishes tonight.

Happy Monday.


2 April 2011


A quick update on our trip to the Pins & Needles show at Newcastle Arena.
<<<-------  New Stash !  Lovely fabrics, beads, button, trim and patterns and a couple of needed DMC's.  I also have a mystery purchase to show at a later date once I have found something required to complete it!
The day started with a class on foundation piecing.  Our Teacher was Carol from Just Quilting and fortunately for us there were only 3 people booked in.  Our project was a heart ~ and the plan was to finish all the piecing during the class, which we all did, then embellish and finish later.  Our kit included a pre-made backing and Carol gave tips on embellishments and finishing.  I will post pictures once I have completed mine.  I love to learn new techniques so it was great to remove some of the mystery behind this one.
We met lots of people, Tuesday Stitching Girls, lovely stall holders ~ some we know from other shows and some new, EG members, Wednesday Quilt Group members and old painting buddies ~ Hi Sheila!
We were there when they rang the bell ~ almost had to be put out!  All in all a very tiring but thoroughly enjoyable day.
Hairdresser for me today, visits to make tomorrow to our Mums for Mothers Day, and miscellaneous household chores are what the weekend holds in store.  Hopefully I can fit in some stitching too.
Have a good one.