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4 April 2011

Can You Guess & TUSAL

Do you know what this is?  Could you hazard a guess?
Answers on a postcard please to:
Perfectionists Department
Kates Flossbox

Yesterday was the TUSAL reporting day ~ yes, I am late again! I took the photographs and then the time just ran away from me. Don't you find that weekend time goes much faster than weekday time?

Here are my meagre offerings for this month - including the raggy pile from above.

And below is a picture of my year to date ORTs

The raggy pile at the top of the page used to be "Needleworker" on my Sampler Lady ~ did you guess?  I couldn't classify my mistake as personalisation in this instance so yesterday afternoon I sat down with my quick unpick and ripped it out ~ literally!  It's now re-stitched and I'm much happier ~ update photographs later in the week.

Our household were back to school and work today ~ LM set off at stupid o'clock for Preston and is currently travelling from there to London.  GB1 is serving coffee to the shoppers of the NE and GB2 is skillfully avoiding any life responsibility ~ oh to be 14 again!
I'm off to seek stash to embellish my patchwork heart and to work on the finishing of a bookmark for an exchange on Needlecraft Haven ~ who knows I might even get two finishes tonight.

Happy Monday.



Mouse said...

Hi Kate :) thought that was what you had done ... well done on unpicking and re stitching ... takes some guts to do that over one :) my orts bag has been greatly enhanced by Ally and I both stitching a lot these last few days :) love mouse xxx

Daffycat said...

Darn frogs! They creep in, don't they?

I had a major frog incident last May. It annoyed me to no end to have those curly threads in my ORT jar. I got another jar, slapped some frog stitckers on it and put my frogged threads in there!

Lesleyanne said...

Your tusal is looking great. Look forward to seeing your update pictures.

Christine said...

Unpicked needlework, darn! I was going for "very small sheep" ;D

Anonymous said...

I knew it was too clean looking to be sewing machine fluff lol - I would have had to unpick it too cos it would hit you in the eye each time you looked at it so good decision I think.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Frogging is so frustrating!!!

Sally said...

I HATE frogging! Lol!

Ziggyeor said...

There's an idea Daffy Cat. I think I might want that for my frogging threads.

I had a frog in the bookmark I'm working on but I just left it and filled in where needed.