Brown/Blue Spotty

11 April 2011

Tamara Veronica Rochester

This is what I christened the LM car when she first arrived at our house several years ago. 
Well yesterday she managed to survive a trip out with me driving!  Armed with sunglasses and a less than attractive but completely essential cap (no Bridgett Jones hair for me!) we set off.  I didn't want to drive from home, our street has an unforgiving incline up to the junction and I just wasn't confident enough to give that a go on my first outing, also wasn't keen on any neighbours watching just in case I made a hash of things.  So LM drove to a car park a short distance away.  It was a slow start ~ pulling away in first seemed difficult so I had one trip around the car park and then out onto the roads. 
The destination was an out of town retail park, mostly motorway or dual carriageway on the journey there so it was a little noisy with the roof off.  I even managed to park ~ although I did choose a spot well away from other vehicles.  It turned out to be a productive trip as we were able to get a few things and also had a treat in the form of coffee at Starbucks ~ apologies to GB1.  The roof came off again for the return journey and we took a more scenic route home via Durham, and Lanchester ~ plenty of opportunity to practise gear changes, braking and pulling away at junctions going this way.  In all I  drove a little over 60 miles and loved every minute of it!  Can't wait to do it again.
I have a busy week ahead with a couple of deadlines to meet ~ both work and stitching.  LM is away for a couple of days again and the GB's finish school Friday for the Easter break.  I'm hoping that the lovely weather will continue but I shan't hold my breath!
Have a good week.



Gillie said...

Good for you, Kate! I drove the WT's new car for the first time last week. In the dark with his colleagues in the back and I hate to reverse, always supposing you get the drafted thing INTO reverse in the first place! My first car in married life was called Freda Pipsqueak - the Freda was something to do with Wham! (girls were great fans, lol) and Pipsqueak because she was, well, small!

Barb said...

Well done on the travels Kate ,happy and safe motoring.

Christine said...

Well done Kate, sounds like a fun trip

Lesleyanne said...

Well Done Kate. Sounds like you had a lovely drive. Good luck with the deadlines.

Julie said...

Well done, a truly fabulous vehicle to drive

Sheilasembroidery said...

Sounds like fun, roof off would have been great over the weekend as the weather was so fabulous

Dani - tkdchick said...

That sounds like fun!!