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14 April 2011

A Small Finish and Exciting Mail

Hello again!
This is the small finish I mentioned in my last post ~ Winter by The Stitcherhood.  Stitched on 18ct natural aida with WDW & GAST floss.  I plaited some #8 perle cotton for the hanger.
It was a very quick stitch.

And this is the back ~ simply finished with just my name and the year.
I really enjoy small finishes, especially when they are finished with back stitch/whip stitch.  It's so simple to complete ~ although this time for some strange reason I back stitched with 2 strands of DMC which I kept splitting when doing the whip stitch ~ won't be doing that again in a hurry.

Now onto the exciting mail ~ this arrived today ~ it's from my partner in the Spring Bookmark Exchange on the Needlecraft Haven Group.  Sadly this is all I can show you at the moment as we can't open our envelopes until 23 April ~ which is ages away yet!

I have told myself that I do have enough energy and will be off to Zumba class later!

Enjoy your evening.



Sheilasembroidery said...

What a long wait, are you sure you have the will power?

Christine said...

What a lovely finish Kate.

Lesleyanne said...

A lovely finish. I have this in my to do pile. Look forward to seeing your exchange piece on 23 April - not long now.

Ruth said...

I love your finish its wonderful. I love the backstitch/whip stitch method of finishing things off too, it makes it so neat.

Mouse said...

ooo lovely chart :) I always use two strands for the back stitch and the wip stitch and soooo far not had that happen to me ??? love mouse xxxx

The Crafts House said...

,,i just want to lift up a corner and peek in that envelope!!

Sally said...

A lovely finish Kate. I'd be so tempted to have a little look in that envelope!

Gillie said...

Nice finish, Kate, tried Zumba, not coordinated enough! Whoops, I'm meant to be encouraging you, aren't I?