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20 April 2011

Late Weekend Report

I can't believe how fast last weekend passed ~ I must have been having too much fun!  Saturday I paid a quick visit to Just Quilting as I wanted to look for some fabric to make up my Sampler Lady.  I had a lovely chat and coffee with Carol, Doreen & Viv but unfortunately no fabric purchase ~ it's not that there wasn't any I just forgot to take Grace with me!  So I shall have to go another time.
It was the monthly EG meeting in the afternoon and we had a wonderful talk from Helen Dickson.  She told us of her journey through her textile learning ~ it was very interesting.  She brought many things to show us too and they were amazing.  Pop over and check out her blog. 
I called into Town (Newcastle) on my way home to look for a shop I had been told about ~ didn't find it!  I did however find something else which I will tell you about another time.

Sunday LM and I set off in the LM car to Berwick ~ picnic on board and roof off.  It was cool but a lovely drive up.  We walked along the pier and read about the Lowery Trail, apparently Lowery was very fond of Berwick ~ something I was unaware of until our visit.  We sat close to the pier with our picnic that LM had prepared for us ~ followed by a wee snooze.  Here are some pictures of our day.
Berwick beach & pier.

 Sailing dingys & a signature on the pier walkway.

 Flowers on the pier wall.

 The last two pictures were taken from the passenger seat of the LM car ~ while it was moving! 

LM drove back via the Northumberland Coastal Route, well most of it, he got a bit side-tracked and turned off the coast route!  Can I just say ~ blond!  It was quite breezy on the way home but still an enjoyable journey.

The GB's had plans for Sunday evening and I was the elected taxi driver - GB2 was dropped off at the speedway to see the Newcastle Diamonds ~ and collected again at the end ~ and GB1 was staying over with a friend and needed a ride there.  Unfortunately for us this meant we had to change our plans for dinner as the time between speedway drop off and pick up was insufficient to comfortably cook and eat our planned meal ~ I was only planning on eating it ~ LM does most of the cooking in our house!  So our steak and peppercorn sauce was postponed to later in the week ~ and it will be well worth waiting for too!

Our usual Tuesday stitching group changed tack this week with another visit to The Hill for an evening of painting with Sandra ~ I will take a picture of my finished project later ~ it's already hanging up!  As usual we had a brilliant night ~ thanks Sandra.

Till next time (hopefully after some sleep!)


PS ~ does anyone have any advice on picture posting in Blogger? ~ mine always appear a little sloppy.


Lesleyanne said...

Sounds like you have a lovely but very busy time. Great photos.

Christine said...

Great pictures, I haven't been to Berwick for years it was nice virtually visiting it again

Sheilasembroidery said...

Berwick is one of my favourite towns - I have to say that as I was born there. My Mum was brought up there and I spent many happy holidays there.