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9 April 2011

Saturday Sewing

Last year I was invited to go to a stitching day with one of the ladies from the TVR CC ~ the first opportunity I had to go was October and it was a lovely day.  It's held in a teaching room above Just Sew in Penrith, and I have stitched on various projects over the months.  Our group meet the 2nd Saturday of the month so this morning I set off at 7:45, collected a friend and we took the journey across the A69 in glorious sunshine arriving a little after 9.

Today I finished (almost) my heart ~ this was from the foundation piecing class that I took at the Pins & Needles Exhibition last week.  It still needs it's ribbon hanger and bow ~ but today I found that more than a little irritating, so rather than make a mess I set it aside.  It's a little lumpy round the edges ~ not sure how to eliminate that ~ did I need to stuff it a bit more do you think?

We had a walk out at lunch to a local deli for gorgeous ham, brie and onion confit baguettes.

I also managed to finish my bookmark for the exchange I'm participating in on the Needlecraft Haven board.  You will have to wait a while before I can show you the photographs.

I needed to get a button to add to my heart so while I was downstairs in the shop I had the obligatory mooch around and found this lovely trim to add to my stash.  Just love the colours.
I didn't dare start to look at the fabric!  I shall have to remember to take the camera with me next time to show you just what they carry.

We had a great journey home ~ it was 21C when we set off ~ in April!

We are going to try eating out here tonight and tomorrow I am having my first drive in this............

I have been assured by LM that it will have rear wheels by then!

Have a lovely evening


PS ~ yes that is LM, not looking too lovely covered in car goop!  Still he's happy!


Mouse said...

Nice heart and lovely stash and mmmm nice motor :) love mouse xxx

Dani - tkdchick said...

That heart is lovely, the first time I did a heart the edges weren't smooth and round. I used cord to hide the lumpy-ness.

Lesleyanne said...

Your heart looks lovely. Lovely new ribbon stash. Hope you enjoy your drive.