Brown/Blue Spotty

23 September 2011

Stitcherhood Winner

It's me!
I've just heard that my name came out as the next stitcher and I'm quite excited about it.  Jane was the last stitcher and you can see her finished piece here - I love the fabric and button - well it is a heart! - that Jane has used to finish her little pillow.
I'm a huge fan of L*K designs and it's ages since I stitched one so I am really looking forward to getting started with this one.

I've heard that my lovely Mum was released from hospital yesterday so I'll be off to visit her & Dad later this afternoon.  I'm looking forward to seeing them in her new surroundings.
Don't know about you but I'm looking forward to the weekend.


21 September 2011

SAL Update

A quick update on my iStitch SAL - this is part III completed.  I am really enjoying this SAL even if I am a little behind.  Part IV arrived into my inbox today and I plan to work on this tonight at quilt group - yes I know it's not a quilt, however I don't have the time to go looking for and organising something more quilty for today.
I also have progress to share with you on my Best Friends SAL - this will have to wait as I have yet to photograph it.  My stitching has been limited to these two projects recently, hopefully that will change shortly.
I'm still (im)patiently waiting for my engagement ring to be returned from being re-made - 2 weeks down possibly 4 more to go.  Still I know that it is worth waiting for!
GB1 seems to have settled into A Level studies quite well, he was so fed up and restless by the end of the holidays that he was beginning to wear everyones' nerves!  We are so very proud of his acheivement with his GCSE exams - 6 A*, 5A & 2 B - who wouldn't be proud?  We're certain that he will carry this on through his A Level studies too.
GB2 is now into his final year of GCSE studies, he's not a naturally studious person and often needs a nudge to keep on top of things, however we know that he will do his best - mostly because we will make him!
LM & I are mostly back into the swing of work, albeit that mine is still on a temporary basis - oh for a Euromillions win & retirement!
Mum is still recovering well from her hip operation and should be released from hospital towards the end of this week and moving into a new residential home.  We're all looking forward to not having the restriction of hospital visiting hours, especially Dad.  Hopefully Mum will settle into the new surroundings quickly and enjoy spending the days with Dad and any other visitors who drop in - there are certainly plenty of them.  I'll be one of them on Friday
I shall leave with a this - somebody told me today that there are 95 days till Christmas!


13 September 2011

iStitch SAL etc

Just a quick update on one of my holiday stitching projects.
This is Part II of the SAL that Carol is currently running.  I was a little late submitting my picture so have just received the chart for Part III today, and I am planning to stitch it this evening at Tuesday Stitching Group.
You must forgive me if I am a little quiet on the blogging front - my Mum had another fall while we were on holiday.  One hip replacement later & fingers crossed that the recouperation continues well.  There's planning afoot this week for physiotherapy to get her mobile again ~ hopefully the upright kind of mobile.
There should have been a family gathering this coming weekend to mark my Dad's 90th birthday ~ I'm not sure what will happen at the moment as I'm quite certain that Dad would prefer to have Mum by his side to mark this fantastic milestone. 
Last weekend was a LM (I may have to re-name him FM - Fiance Man!) family gathering to celebrate his Parents' Golden Wedding Anniversary.  A fabulous time was had by all ~ some more than others I have to say.  We were able to catch up with people we don't see often enough, particularly the two who travelled from Australia.  Lots of people were desperate to see my engagement ring, unfortunately it is still with the designer being re-made to fit!  So they had to content themselves with the picture on my phone ~ as I have to, one week down, possibly still 5 to go before I get to wear it. 
I haven't had a proper look at the photographs from the weekend yet but I should be able to show you the cakes that LM had made for his Mum & Dad at some point ~ they were brilliant and very well received.
Hope you've all weathered the storm safely.

2 September 2011

Ta Da!

Haven't had one of these moments for a while ~ well apart from my proposal news!
This is my finished Summer Holiday Exchange piece from the Needlecraft Haven Yuku Group.  Not that we have exactly been having much flip flop weather this summer in the UK!
Stitched on 25ct Floba with the recommended DMC threads which were all sent to me by my secret partner - the reveal is coming up on the group very soon.
I'll show a picture of what I made this into shortly.


1 September 2011

I Have A Little News To Share

Yesterday, while I was here my LM proposed!  We had a lovely day wandering around different places on the Ile de Re and just before we set off back to our temporary home in St-Jean-de-Monts he took me to sit where we could look over the harbour wall and hear the water lapping and asked me to become his wife. 
The sun was shining and the vista was just perfect ~ he's been keeping this secret for some time and decided that this was where we should be.  We visited the Ile de Re  about 3 years ago, again while staying at St-Jean-de-Monts, and fell in love with the whole island.
And didn't he do well choosing a ring too ~ I love it!  We need to go back to the jewellers to have it re-sized when we get home ~ which will be all too soon.  This was secretly packed along with a bottle of champagne ~ we won't be bringing that home!
LM took a video of the moment when he asked my Dad for his blessing so as you can imagine there were a few tears when he played this for me yesterday.  The GB's are with us on holiday and are both delighted by the news ~ GB1 has decided that he will be planning the wedding!
I'm off to enjoy my last few days of French life before we all have to return to the world of school and work.


PS  I have been stitching too.