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21 September 2011

SAL Update

A quick update on my iStitch SAL - this is part III completed.  I am really enjoying this SAL even if I am a little behind.  Part IV arrived into my inbox today and I plan to work on this tonight at quilt group - yes I know it's not a quilt, however I don't have the time to go looking for and organising something more quilty for today.
I also have progress to share with you on my Best Friends SAL - this will have to wait as I have yet to photograph it.  My stitching has been limited to these two projects recently, hopefully that will change shortly.
I'm still (im)patiently waiting for my engagement ring to be returned from being re-made - 2 weeks down possibly 4 more to go.  Still I know that it is worth waiting for!
GB1 seems to have settled into A Level studies quite well, he was so fed up and restless by the end of the holidays that he was beginning to wear everyones' nerves!  We are so very proud of his acheivement with his GCSE exams - 6 A*, 5A & 2 B - who wouldn't be proud?  We're certain that he will carry this on through his A Level studies too.
GB2 is now into his final year of GCSE studies, he's not a naturally studious person and often needs a nudge to keep on top of things, however we know that he will do his best - mostly because we will make him!
LM & I are mostly back into the swing of work, albeit that mine is still on a temporary basis - oh for a Euromillions win & retirement!
Mum is still recovering well from her hip operation and should be released from hospital towards the end of this week and moving into a new residential home.  We're all looking forward to not having the restriction of hospital visiting hours, especially Dad.  Hopefully Mum will settle into the new surroundings quickly and enjoy spending the days with Dad and any other visitors who drop in - there are certainly plenty of them.  I'll be one of them on Friday
I shall leave with a this - somebody told me today that there are 95 days till Christmas!



Mouse said...

ooo well done on your sons results :) love that i stitch sal everyone's looks fab :) love mouse xxxx

Joysze said...

Looking great, Kate. :)

Lesleyanne said...

Great progress on your SAL Kate. Congrats to your son on his exam results. Glad to hear your mum is on the mend.

Christine said...

Great progress on your SAL.
Congratulations to your son on his impressive GCSE results

Sally said...

Your SAL is looking lovely Kate.

Congratulations to your son!