Brown/Blue Spotty

28 February 2014

OPAM 2014 ~ February 2014

Month 2 of this challenge is now over and I have achieved a few more finishes ~ amazing what a wee bit of encouragement (and stitching deadlines) can result in.

My first finish will have to remain secret until next month when the Needlecraft Haven Spring exchange can be opened.
Jolly Holiday ~ finish #2 ~ didn't make it onto last month's list as I hadn't taken a photograph of my pillow finish.  This piece has been resident in the finishing pile since March 2013 when the stitching was completed, I started the finishing in December and now it is on my finished projects list.  I'm delighted with the final result ~ I used this fabric to make up another Lizzie Kate piece ~ Ho Ho Ho in a Row ~ which can be seen here.

I joined a Valentine's exchange on the Friendly Stitchers Yahoo Group ~ I choose a freebie pattern, A Valentine's Stocking from Plum Street Samplers ~ finish #3.  It was a lovely stitch and a new style of finish for me.  The instructions that came with the pattern were brilliant ~ I did have to enlarge the template as I had chosen to stitch on different count fabric.

Finish #4 is a scissor keep from Ma Boite a Tresors from C'Mon Monde ~ I stitched the main part of this design in 2012 as a Secret Santa gift for Liz from our Tuesday Stitching Group and added it to a painted and lined box ~ you can see it here.  I stitched the tiny scissor fob but it did a disappearing act so I wasn't able to include it with Liz's gift.  During a recent stash sort out/tidy up I found the stitched piece and now it has been added to my list of finishes for this year.

Finish #5 ~ I can't believe that I am actually saying that I have had FIVE finishes this month ~ is the Monthly Challenge from Needlecraft Haven Yuku Group which you can see here

I am enjoying this challenge so much ~ role on next month's finishes!


Stitch from Stash 2014 ~ February

Our first splurge allowance was notified by Mel to coincide with Nashville Market, this allowed us to spend up to £80 by midnight Sunday 16th and was in addition to our monthly budget.  I wasn't expecting this at all and my initial thoughts were that I would pass but changed my mind at the 11th hour.  I have joined a traveling pattern SAL on the Friendly Stitchers Yahoo Group and decided that I would like to stitch the series in the charted over dyed threads some of which I already have in my stash.  So an order was placed to top up with the remainder ~ spending far less than the allowed £80.

On to my monthly report

Bfwd 13.01
Budget 20.00
FS TP -5.50
Balance 27.51

My only spend this month was my contribution to the purchase of the patterns for the traveling pattern project.

Love from Bent Creek
I'm stitching this on 28ct Oatmeal Cashel Linen from Sparklies ~ which I bought at Harrogate last November.  I had bought the recommended threads and the buttons when I ordered the pattern several years ago.
A Spring exchange piece for NH Group
I can't say much about this piece as the opening day is not until 26 March ~ what I can tell you is that all supplies came from stash.
Challenge # 2 for NH Group
A tiny Christmas ornament stitched on 18ct Natural Aida with Crescent Colours thread.

A little on La Pensee Positive
Finishing of scissor keep from Ma Boite a Tresors
Valentine's Stocking from Plum Street Samplers ~ for a Valentine Exchange on Friendly Stitchers Yahoo Group

Hope you have all faired well with the challenge this month.


27 February 2014

IHSW Report

Just reporting in with an update and what I achieved over the weekend ~ it wasn't as much as I had planned.

I had set myself a list of 4 things to work on:
  1. Finish challenge #2 from Needlecraft Haven Yuku Group ~ Completed, there's a picture on my previous post.
  2. Progress on La Pensee Positive ~ Didn't make it out of the stitching bag.
  3. Work on Love by Bent Creek ~ Made it out of the stitching bag, but no further.
  4. Make a new start ~ Sourced a piece of fabric, stitched the grid lines and started on March's Daffodil by Cottage Garden Samplings.

When I came to write this post I realised that I only have this picture which I took pre-stitching ~ I only managed a few letters and a small butterfly ~ I'll share a picture soon.

Till next time ~ which won't be long as I have to file both my report for SFS 2104 & also OPAM 2014 and I'm running out of month!



Monthly Challenge

Needlecraft Haven ~ Challenge #2
Christine did it again and found us yet another sweet design for this month ~ this one is from  Steekjes & Kreisjes van Marijke ~ check out the other freebies there too.

Small but perfectly formed ~ I love it.  My version is stitched on 18ct Natural Aida with Crescent Colours threads all from my stash.  I completed the stitching on Friday and did the finishing on Saturday ~ just in the nick of time for reveal day on Sunday.

You can see the album of the fabulous finishes here.

Challenge #3 has been set and it's a gorgeous snowman and as I love snowmen it would be rude not to give it a go.


20 February 2014

February IHSW

is coming this weekend and I'm hoping to get a decent amount of stitching done. 

My plan is to work on
  1. finishing Challenge # 2 from the Needlecraft Haven Yuku Group
  2. moving along with La Pensee Positive which has been side-lined a wee bit
  3. possibly work a little on Love by Bent Creek
  4. and maybe, just maybe, a new start ~ from stash of course!
Don't forget ~ February 21st to 23rd ~ hope to see you there.

19 February 2014

Picture Post

Pictures as promised in my last post:

Valentine's Exchange
This exchange was on the Friendly Stitchers Yahoo Group ~ on the left my gifts from Mary, a beautifully stitched heart, a box of tea and a gorgeous smelling soap.  Thank you so much Mary.
On the right the stocking I stitched for Mary ~ A Valentine's Stocking which was a freebie from Plum Street Samplers.  I forgot to take a picture including the other items I sent, they were chocolates, tea and a candle in a tin.

Tuesday Stitching Group Birthday Gifts
The first is Hope Angel from Nikys Creations ~ stitched for Sonia, who loves angels, and finished as a small pillow.
And this is Flowers for my Friend by Kirsi Huttunen ~ the stitching was completed in 2011 ~ finished as a hanging for Liz.
These were the last two gifts in the series that I had planned to do in 2011 but were unfortunately put on hold with family circumstances back then.
Finally, they are now completed and have gone to their new homes.
Back in 2012 I stitched a Secret Santa gift for Liz and when I was making up the box I couldn't find this little piece which I had intended to put inside.  Now found, finished and passed on to Liz.  It's from La Boite a Tresors from C'mon Monde.

Finally, as I mentioned in my last post here is my start on Love by Bent Creek.  It is being stitched to give to my Niece and her intended as a gift to celebrate their wedding in May.  It's a lovely stitch.

See you soon.


17 February 2014

February's First

Post, that is
I can't believe that we're into the 2nd half of February and this is my first post for the month!  I have been busy with some stitching much of which has been exchange pieces.
The first piece was a Valentine exchange on the Friendly Stitcher Yahoo Group ~ this has now been received by my partner Mary and yesterday I received my parcel from Mary.  The specification was to stitch something heart/love related and also send gift items of chocolate/tea/soap.  I haven't yet photographed my gifts ~ I will remedy this soon and include them in another post together with photograph of the parcel I sent.
The second piece is for the spring exchange on Needlecraft Haven ~ my piece is stitched ready to make up but pictures will be quite a while yet as reveal day is not until 26 March.  I have thoroughly enjoyed stitching the piece I choose for this exchange and will probably make another for myself at some point.
I have also started on Love by Bent Creek ~ I ordered the embellishment pack and the required WDW threads shortly after buying the pattern at one of the Harrogate Knitting & Stitching shows and had intended stitching this for our home.  It seemed appropriate to be used as a gift for my niece and her fiance who will be married at the beginning of May.  I'm finding it to be a lovely project and it's growing quite quickly ~ again no photograph yet.
I should have been able to post pictures earlier in the week of a few gifts that I had finished, however due to the snow our Tuesday Stitching Group was cancelled so I was not able to send the gifts home with their new owners.  Hopefully I should be able to share the pictures this week.
My weekend has been one of shopping and surprises ~ we spent Saturday in York shopping for a wedding outfit.  Shortly after we arrived home GB1 turned up as a surprise for my birthday ~ this was hatched between him and the LM a couple of weeks ago and I had no idea.  He is returning to University later this morning.  It was lovely to have all my boys around ~ a true blessing.