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17 February 2014

February's First

Post, that is
I can't believe that we're into the 2nd half of February and this is my first post for the month!  I have been busy with some stitching much of which has been exchange pieces.
The first piece was a Valentine exchange on the Friendly Stitcher Yahoo Group ~ this has now been received by my partner Mary and yesterday I received my parcel from Mary.  The specification was to stitch something heart/love related and also send gift items of chocolate/tea/soap.  I haven't yet photographed my gifts ~ I will remedy this soon and include them in another post together with photograph of the parcel I sent.
The second piece is for the spring exchange on Needlecraft Haven ~ my piece is stitched ready to make up but pictures will be quite a while yet as reveal day is not until 26 March.  I have thoroughly enjoyed stitching the piece I choose for this exchange and will probably make another for myself at some point.
I have also started on Love by Bent Creek ~ I ordered the embellishment pack and the required WDW threads shortly after buying the pattern at one of the Harrogate Knitting & Stitching shows and had intended stitching this for our home.  It seemed appropriate to be used as a gift for my niece and her fiance who will be married at the beginning of May.  I'm finding it to be a lovely project and it's growing quite quickly ~ again no photograph yet.
I should have been able to post pictures earlier in the week of a few gifts that I had finished, however due to the snow our Tuesday Stitching Group was cancelled so I was not able to send the gifts home with their new owners.  Hopefully I should be able to share the pictures this week.
My weekend has been one of shopping and surprises ~ we spent Saturday in York shopping for a wedding outfit.  Shortly after we arrived home GB1 turned up as a surprise for my birthday ~ this was hatched between him and the LM a couple of weeks ago and I had no idea.  He is returning to University later this morning.  It was lovely to have all my boys around ~ a true blessing.



Gillie said...

What a nice surprise! Looking forward to seeing pictures of all the stitching!

Julie said...

Looking forward to seeing your pics Kate.
February seems to be whizzing by!