Brown/Blue Spotty

27 February 2014

IHSW Report

Just reporting in with an update and what I achieved over the weekend ~ it wasn't as much as I had planned.

I had set myself a list of 4 things to work on:
  1. Finish challenge #2 from Needlecraft Haven Yuku Group ~ Completed, there's a picture on my previous post.
  2. Progress on La Pensee Positive ~ Didn't make it out of the stitching bag.
  3. Work on Love by Bent Creek ~ Made it out of the stitching bag, but no further.
  4. Make a new start ~ Sourced a piece of fabric, stitched the grid lines and started on March's Daffodil by Cottage Garden Samplings.

When I came to write this post I realised that I only have this picture which I took pre-stitching ~ I only managed a few letters and a small butterfly ~ I'll share a picture soon.

Till next time ~ which won't be long as I have to file both my report for SFS 2104 & also OPAM 2014 and I'm running out of month!




Julie said...

Oh dear Kate, Mr Stick will be heading north to give you a talking to! Lol

Kate said...

very pretty floss toss! hopefully more time for fun things finds you soon :)