Brown/Blue Spotty

31 December 2011

I've Been Meaning To Post

Actually I've been meaning to do many things.
This week between Christmas & New Year should have been an hive of activity.  I had lots planned ~ stitching, quilting, sorting out my stash together with clearing the ubiquitous piles of assorted "stuff" that I manage to acquire.  In reality I have done very little ~ much of my inactivity has been related to feeling well under par, thankfully this is now starting to pass.

We made a family visit on Tuesday ~ my only trip out.  It was lovely to see the assorted clan, many of whom we don't see often enough.
I painted this a while ago for the most recent member of the family ~ we meet Isla Rose for the first time on Tuesday, what an absolute sweetheart she is.  She cooed and gurgled away contentedly while we all had cuddles. 

Talking of angels, this one was stitched quite a few years ago.  It was a kit that I received as a birthday gift from a friend.  All that was left to do was to finish had stitching the binding and adding a hanger ~ I borrowed a cropodile which punched the holes and set the snowflake eyelets, a bit of wire was added secured with a couple of polka dots buttons. I'm very happy that I have finally finished this.

My final TUSAL of 2011 and the complete year of ORTs in my Christmas bauble ~ that's a lot of old ragged threads!  Not the best pictures.

I have spent the last couple of days stitching yet another Christmas piece!
This is Ho Ho Ho in a Row by Lizzie Kate ~ I have the buttons to add to the wreath and the colour blocks to add to the bottom border and it's done.  I'm debating whether to change the colour blocks from the charted pink, red & green to filling them all with the blue ~ can't decide, which is why it's not finished. 
I have a few other ornament finishes that have not been revealed yet ~ perhaps I will show them during the dark days of January.

I would like to thank all of you for reading me here, and for all the lovely comments that have been left over the past 11 months.  2011 has been a year of both great joy and great sadness for me, in some ways I am sorry to see it close, but close it must.  Here's to a bright, happy & healthy 2012.


19 December 2011

And The Winner is.......

...... Sally from Stitchtyangel's Treasure - could you please email me your mailing address and I will send out a wee package after Christmas.


16 December 2011

Just a Quicky

Aren't stitchers just the most generous of people? - Parsley over at Seasons of My Mind is hosting a fabulous Christmas giveaway - check it out.


A Larger Tree

With our theme of silver, glass & red.

15 December 2011

A Little Bit of Christmas

Originally I bought this thinking it would work as an ornament tree, however when I hung some ornaments I didn't like it - neither the tree nor the ornaments showed up very well, I have to admit to being disappointed.  So I tried the little jingle bells that were bought to spruce up our door wreath and didn't make it there.  I love how it looks, and the light it sheds is a lovely warm white.
The little angel sitting under the tree is the project that Sandra from The Crafts House designed for our Tuesday Stitching Group's last visit back in November.  She looks just perfect sitting there with the warm glow of the tree above her.
And here she is a little more clearly ~ we painted, glued, shaded, stamped, blushed, beaded and twisted ~ isn't she sweet!

The LM is off on his travels again tomorrow and on Saturday GB1 is off to a medical taster course at Nottingham University ~ a whole 5 days away from home, by himself!  As I'm sure many of you have experienced with your own children he's not phased in the slightest at the prospect ~ me? I'm a wee bit apprehensive.

Sleep is calling my name ~ eventually, with barely 5 hours in the land of nod between the last couple of nights ~ I'm off, night.


14 December 2011

Oh Wow!

100 followers - how fantastic. Thanks to each and every one of you for taking the time to read my ramblings, it's lovely to think that you keep coming back for more! I love to receive your comments and I read them all. I know from my short time blogging (less than a year) how it can be difficult to keep up with reading let alone commenting on posts, so I truly appreciate the time you take in doing so.
To mark this milestone & as a thank you I will be putting together a little something - not sure what yet, promise it won't be leftover turkey though! A name will be drawn from existing followers only - after all you are my centuplicate**. The name will be announced later in the week, however I would not plan to mail out the goodies until the silly season at the Post Office is over to minimise the risk of a) delay between my house and yours & b) disappearance.


**Disclaimer - this may be poetic use of the word centuplicate, however it suits my purpose so it stays!

3 December 2011

Exchange Updates

I have now heard that my last two ornaments have reached their destinations.
This was sent to Joyce in Texas who was my partner on the Friendly Stitchers group.  It's Noel by Log Cabin Needleworks, stitched on 18ct Rustico with DMC threads.  I really love this design and will be stitching it again for myself ~ hopefully soon.

Sandra in Wales was my partner for TGOSM group's ornament exchange and I stitched Winter by The Stitcherhood.  Another design that I really like ~ this one is on 32ct Sand Linen with DMC threads.  I have already stitched this one for myself  on a smaller scale.

I'm still stitching ornaments for the Christmas Ornament Challenge 2011 but they will probably all be staying in our home.  I'm hoping to finish my Secret Santa piece for Tuesday Stitching group ~ we'll be exchanging these at our Christmas dinner mid-month.

Today has been spent shopping with the LM ~ at a fairly sedate pace I have to say, although the trip on public transport nearly ruined the day!   LM doesn't really "do" public transport.  In addition to Christmas things we have been investigating new phones ~ so many handsets/deals/bundles, and would you expect to hear words like gingerbread & ice cream sandwich in a phone shop?

There are those of you out there who know that in our house the LM does most of the cooking, including some very lovely cakes ~ well not today!  Tonight we've had homemade roasted butternut squash & sweet potato soup and I'm feeling quite pleased with myself as it was very tasty, there's even leftovers for another day.  We have a surplus of apples so tomorrow I may make Eve's pudding ~ a favourite of mine as my lovely Mum made it many times for us.

I'm off to watch Strictly ~ enjoy your evening.


1 December 2011

Ornament Stitcing

Aside from stitching for the Christmas Ornament Challenge 2011 I have participated in three ornament exchanges this year.
Last week (I think) this arrived all the way from Texas ~ Joyce from The Friendly Stitcher Group was my partner and stitched this lovely JBW design.  I can't show you what I sent just yet as I have not heard from Joyce as to whether it has been received.

Today was reveal day for the Needlecraft Haven ornament exchange ~ Ursh sent me this gorgeous snowman, such a lot of work and I love the ruched ribbon trim.  I just love snowmen so it's perfect.         
I was to stitch for Julie and this is the ornament I sent ~ it's from the November issue of The Gift of Stitching, the fabric shown is what was used as the backing.

Finally, from my partner Sandra on TGOSM exchange I received this lovely piece ~ the design is from The Drawn Thread Company.  Again, I am waiting to hear from Sandra that she has received my package before I show it here.
Thanks so much to all my partners for the lovely ornaments I have received ~ they will be displayed in our home for many years to come.  I recently bought a little tree from a local garden centre which I hope will work for hanging all the ornaments I have received from exchanges over the years ~ I guess as it's now December I should unpack it and see how it works.