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31 January 2014

TUSAL 2014 - January

I'm back on the case of The Totally Useless Stitch Along this year ~ hosted by Sharon we basically save our ORTs throughout the year and each new moon we post a picture of them ~ see, totally useless!

I missed the first new moon of the year on 1 January ~ I only had about 3 scraps of thread at that point and we were ensconced in a cosy cottage in the Lake District with Sis2 & McBiL, reading, watching movies, dozing, drinking champagne, playing Trivial Pursuit, eating delicious food and enjoying the company.  We are so lucky to be able to spend time like this together ~ it's food to my soul.

So back to TUSAL, I haven't decided on a jar yet so my Orts are currently homed in a small tin ~ not the most beautiful of recepticles but they aren't in danger of being mistaken for rubbish by any of the other residents here and removed to the bin!

Bit of a washed out photograph due to being taken before it was light yesterday.
The last day of January has arrived as quick as a flash as is it's way ~ I feel like I've hardly had time to draw breath.  I am, however, pleased with the sewing & finishing I have completed and also that I have managed to stick with my resolution to do something stitch related each day.
LM is off to Amsterdam later for a friend's stag weekend so it's just me and GB2 for the next few days ~ I'm hoping that I can catch up on some housey jobs, sewing and sleep, not necessarily in that order.
Happy Friday


Lesleyanne said...

Lovely orts.

Chris said...

This comment is really for your previous post about OPAM which I am joining, it's such a good idea.
Thank you for your comment on my blog it led me to you and to OPAM
Chris x

Barb said...

Happy Friday to you too Kate. sounds idyllic your stay in the Lake District. We have our own Lake District in the garden today ,when is this rain going to stop. Great the resolution is working for you, looking forward to seeing the stitching. I am sure someone is having fun at our expense and making time go faster.. I did not believe my mum when she used to tell me it goes quicker the older you get...beginning to think she was right.Take care and hugs to you.

Jeanne said...

Love your ornament finis for January and good luck on your plan to keep accumulating finishing and stitching from stash. I think we all struggle from stash that grows way behind the rate we can get things stitched! I really need to stitch up Home of a Needleworker's been in my stash so long already. Have a great stitchy month ahead.........

Julie said...

No one will touch ORTS in this house, no chance of them being moved here.