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18 January 2014

A Few Firsts

Some great firsts have been recorded throughout history ~ my firsts for the beginning of 2014 are perhaps just a wee bit less noteworthy.

My first post ~ and hopefully not my last!
I have had things to report however with life being busy in the run up to Christmas, work, collecting GB1 from university etc my posts were sparse to say the least.  I guess I also got a little lazy ~ having the benefit of my ipad makes access to the Internet/social networking/emails etc very easy.  What I do not find easy is posting via blogger, either via the app or the net ~ in fact I find it a hugely frustrating event, am I the only one?  I can't manage to master uploading photographs as I like to have them, text decides for itself where it will reside and which font.  So the laziness comes in when I start to think about having to fire up the PC ~ which is in the conservatory ~ or dig out a laptop.  And to add to the frustration when I did get a laptop out on Wednesday night because it hasn't been used for so long it required 91 Windows updates ~ which I did ~ and then it decided that the version of IE was too out of date to be of any use.  I packed it away and went to bed!
This morning we have laptop #2 ~ which so far seems to be working ok!

TUSALWas actually 1 January 2014 ~ I had about 3 orts to show ~ please see explanation of laziness/ipad frustration above for why I did not share.
The next new moon is 30 January and I will curb the laziness to share a picture close to that time.  If you have no idea what this SAL is about you can read about it on Daffycat's Blog.

First 2014 Start ~ definitely not the last!
This is Home of a Needleworker from LHN ~ my New Year's Day start.  I'm stitching this 1/1 on 28ct Gingerbread Brittney fabric from Kate at Sparklies with the recommended DMC threads. The couple of threads on the LH side are actually my meagre pile of orts.

First IHSW
 Is this weekend and I have a date with a chair and my stitching bag ~ I hope to work on Home of a Needleworker, La Pensee Positive ~ a beautiful SAL from Nathalie at Jardin Privee (I have the last part to complete), Needlecraft Haven's monthly challenge which for January is a gorgeous freebie from Laura at The Little Stitcher.  I think that is plenty to keep me out of mischief.

In other news I signed up for this
Stitch From Stash 2014

which Mel at Epic Stitching is running.  The title says it all really ~ we do have a monthly budget available for supplies however I am going to try and steer clear of spending on any stash ~ as you may imagine I do have a fair bit squirrelled away to work with.  Wish me luck!

Aside from stitching I have a couple of housey jobs to complete and unfortunately the LM is poorly so a good dollop of TLC is in order.  The really bad news is that GB2 needs the rocket up the derriere again in terms of cleaning/tidying his room ~ oh boy!

Whatever your weekend brings I hope you enjoy it.




Sally said...

I am the same with the Blogger app on my Samsung tab. What I usually do is type my post on the app, save it rather than post then I go on my PC, upload the photos on there then I can get them where I want them and publish! A bit of a long way round but I'm like you and can't get photos to go where I want on the app.

Lovely new start. Good luck with the Stitch from Stash. I'm managing quite well so far but when my autos finish it may well be more difficult lol!

Christine said...

Great new start. Good luck with the stitching from stash

Julie said...

I'm the same with the tablet, no idea where to begin. I use the computer to uploads pics once a week and like Sally said, do a blog write up on the tablet and add the pics form the computer when i need to. Means less blog posts, longer blog posts, but works well for me.
Hope you get into a nice routine wwith the stitching and blogging again this year.
Happy stitching!

The Maiden said...

Welcome to IHSW, I am sure it will be your first of many!

Joysze said...

Oooh, can't wait to see pics from all the SALs you've signed up for this year, Kate. :D

The blogger app is stupid, I'm sorry to say, so I always post on my MacBook Air. I hate not being able to resize pics or do anything fancy. That's what you get for free, I suppose? LOL! My friend just purchased the Blogsy app and she's loving it! Everything you can do on the desktop, you can do on that thing, so I hear. :D