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8 August 2011

OK! Nobody Panic

Monday is nearly over and if We all stay quiet and behave it may pass by without incident ~ at least I hope so.  I still haven't worked out how Mondays can be so stealthy ~ I finish work on Friday evening and then bam! it's Monday again.
My weekend was fairly non-stop ~ Saturday having already been covered in my previous post I shall move swiftly on to Sunday
I spent the morning painting at The Crafts House and this is the completed ornament that I made.  As usual we had a few chuckles which is always good and Sandra had made a cake to celebrate Sarah's birthday ~ cake is definitely good too.
The wire hanger needs to be made a little more secure but on the whole I am very happy with my efforts ~ this will be my ornament finish for August.  Unfortunately I am still a wee bit behind as June's ornament WIP has disappeared into an incredibly "safe place" and July's hasn't been started, or chosen if I'm admitting to mis-demeanors.
I passed the afternoon visiting my Mum ~ I had collected a couple of magazines on my way so was able to read to her a little, I think she quite enjoyed just looking at the pictures too.  I managed a little stitching on my Summer Holiday Exchange piece while Mum dozed ~ I hope to have a picture to show you soon, it's bright so remember to bring your sunglasses!
While blog reading recently I stumbled upon a SAL that Carol of Istitchaholic is running ~ Part I is to be released this coming weekend and I'm looking forward to it.  I'm off to check whether I have sufficient 40ct fabric and to check out what thread I might use for it.
Remember, stay quiet and keep out of mischief ~ I'll try my best too!



Lesleyanne said...

Lovely ornament. Looking forward to seeing your summer exchange.

The Crafts House said...

as always your beading is posher than mine!! I love the way it has turned out with the beads.. "Diary Dame of Beautiful Beading"...
Glad you had a nice visit with your Mam..

Christine said...

Mondays are sneaky little beggars aren't they?
Your ornament is beautiful

Barb said...

Oh don't stay out of mischief , that isnt any fun lol. I was tempted by Carols SAL but managed to resist. Who me resist temptation!Well in stitching anyway , I must be ill, is there a doctor hereabouts.
I am trying hard to resist the new SB designs at the minute, can you help with this addiction, or are you just as bad Kate.
Love the ornie ,but I like my sheepie better!!!!
Awww so lovely your mum liking the magazines ,was she a crafty person in her time, you know what I mean.
I too am doing the summer exchange and it is now winging its way in the wide blue yonder somewhere.
Hugs and keep those needles busy

Julie said...

Super ornament and i love the little parcel you made up for Barb, she really is a treasure isnt she.

I've really enjoyed my blog reading catch up but no time to cmment on each post, suffice to say love all that you have shown, and you are a wonderful daughter to spend so much time with your mum, i'm sure dad will love the little owls they are adorable

Sally said...

Love the ornament you made Kate.

Looking forward to seeing your exchange.

I finally gave in and joined the SAL. I have no 40 or 36 count fabric ( I've decided to stitch mine on 36) so have just ordered some :) Got to decide what thread I'm using yet and hope I can keep up!