Brown/Blue Spotty

7 August 2011

Another Sunday

and that means that Monday will arrive soon!
We had torrential rain yesterday ~ I was out and about for much of the day ~ weigh in followed by a visit to see my Mum with my Sis2 who was down from Scotland for the weekend.  Managed a short visit to Just Quilting on my way home to collect some batting that I needed.  Always a pleasure to be welcomed there, the assembled ladies were doing a class making quilts from jelly rolls with Lucie and they were all looking fabulous.
The rain seemed at it's worst on my journey home and I made a detour from my usual route as part of it was flooded and I wasn't sure that little Jazzy would have managed to wade her way through the volume of water ~ she probably would have been fine but better safe than sorry.
I'm off for a bit of painting therapy with Sandra at The Crafts House and the Diary Dames this morning ~ this is Sandra's pet name for our wee group ~ Carol, Doreen , Lucie and her fantastically talented daughter Sarah and me ~ the hanger on!  Afterwards I'm visiting with my Mum again for the afternoon ~ it will be good to get some alone time with her ~ it's likely that Mum will snooze the time away but I'll have my stitching to keep me company if she does.
Hope you enjoy your Sunday.



Barb said...

Enjoy your day Kate and the time spent with mum.

Anonymous said...

Hiya Kate
I love reading your posts. And by the way I would say you're one of the Diary Dames now. I think you past the initiation with flying colours. X