Brown/Blue Spotty

1 March 2014

TUSAL March 2014 #1

I'm not too sure how I have managed to remember today's new moon ~ whatever the reason here I am to show you a picture of my ORTs.

Unfortunately I haven't got round to finding a new jar yet and they won't all fit into the tin without being squished too much ~ so my latest ORT's are unceremoniously dumped in a pile on the desk!
However, they are reported and on time too.  I'll try to sort out something more appropriate for storing them before the next new moon.
Our weekend is mostly about getting things done ~ I have an hair appointment this morning and then the chores begin.  If I'm efficient enough I may get to stitch all day tomorrow ~ but I'm not counting on it!
Have a fabulous weekend.




Clare - Aimetu said...

I'm always surprise how many orts I get - there's loads by the end of the year. Good luck in finding a jar, my MIL bought me a bon bon kar from as charity shop which is great as it has a lid so they don't get dusty over the year.

Julie said...

Nice amount of ORTs Kate. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with for a jar next month.

Sally said...

Hope you got lots of stitching done Kate :)