Brown/Blue Spotty

28 March 2012

Painting Peregrination

I just love a new word!  Peregrination ~ a course of travel; journey.
Painting is a bit of a journey for me ~ generally into uncharted territory.
I've been hanging onto this little box/tray for some time now ~ it came filled with bathroom goodies and I thought it would be useful ~ someday.  I base coated it with antique white emulsion before taking it up to The Crafts House.  I had half a plan for what I wanted to do with it at the meeting of The Diary Dames on Sunday morning.  Last time I painted some bobbins to use for storing ribbons & trim and I thought this would be a great box to store them in.
My original (half) plan was to paint sewing bits ~ tape measure, pins, scissors etc on the exterior, but life was made much simpler by Sandra who delved into her magic storage boxes and produced some stamps with vintage sewing items.  I love how it turned out ~ just have to wind my ribbons and trim onto the bobbins now. 
More pictures below.



Lesleyanne said...

Looks great.

Mouse said...

oooooo love the idea ... found a similar tray in the charity shop but it isn't as deep so won't work for doing ribbons .. love mouse xxxx

Julie said...

Ha! i have one of those wooden boxes too, it's in the 'what shall i do with it now its empty pile' lol yours looks great.