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12 March 2012

Best Laid Plans....

Yesterday, after being a good house bunny and finishing all the ironing I thought I'd get some time to myself to stitch on Jolly Holiday. I watched a little TV before the LM returned from his run out with the TVR Club and then it all went to pot.
Our main bathroom toilet decided to have a major leak, water was flowing across the bathroom floor and as is it's way it finds a level then comes through the lounge ceiling! At one point it was dripping from the main light fitting - water & electricity definitely do not mix. The LM managed to find the problem and contained it by banning the use of said toilet - nothing else could be done as new parts were required from stores that were closed.
So guess what's happening here tonight - yes Toilet Terrors Part II - I don't think it will be a simple job.
Wish the LM luck - I'm just the gofer.



Julie said...

Oh no Kate, you have my sympathy, we had that last year and ended up with a whole new refurbished bathroom - A bit pricier than a washer that was all he said it needed.

Christine said...

How annoying, hope its a quick fix

The Crafts House said...

ahh No! and it always happens when everywhere is closed.. sympathy's from me

Dani - tkdchick said...

OMG that sucks!

Barb said...

Oh my goodness ,not good for your LM
hope it is fixed soon.

Anonymous said...


just joined your blog.

so sorry to hear about your water leak! Hope it's sorted now for you.

Always smiling said...

Oh no what a mess that must have been, good luck to your LM to get it sorted.. hope you have another loo to use???LOL
Chris xx