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28 February 2011

Washday Monday

I don't know about you but Monday was always laundry day in our house ~ rarely was laundry done except on it's designated day.  It was much more of a chore for my Mum ~ more labour intensive before automated machines became available and it was a job which took the whole day, especially in our house!  I remember having the job sometimes of shifting the loads between the tubs of the twin tub machine ~ even getting the machine out from under the kitchen counter was hard work.  I can also remember the machine before this, which lived in the wash house outside, I don't recall how that machine worked ~ it did only wash and I do remember helping to turn the handle on the mangle before the laundry was marched down the path and pegged out. 
There is no better aroma than line dried laundry ~ my Gran always thought that the laundry dried a little softer if there was a touch of frost ~ it's certainly easier to iron after a good old swirl around on the laundry whirly-gig in the garden! 
As I am not at work today laundry is what I am doing ~ the first load is swooshing around in the machine as I sit typing.  Sadly it will not dry billowing in the wind as I would like as it's too damp here today. 
Interspersed with this domesticity I am pottering at other things too ~ I may even manage a little stitching.

Happy week



Julie said...

Enjoy your day Kate, i too had a twin tub machine when my first was born, the smell of doing laundry was lovely you miss that with an auto wash machine

Mouse said...

oooo our first washing machine was electric wash loaded from the top and came with a mangle attached ... bliss there is nothing nicer than washing blowing on the line and it really does smell nicer methinks too :) love mouse xxxx

Christine said...

Monday was always washday in our house too. It took us years to persuade my Mam to give up her twin tub in favour of an automatic

Anonymous said...

I remember my mam and gran doing the washing in twin tubs - I think my mam was one of the last people to get an automatic washer and my gran still used hers until she died which was 13 years ago. Remember the hoses going into the sink for the spinner! I could do with a twin tub now for felting stuff but they are a bit too big to squeeze one in. Mam used to do her washing a couple of times a week as she didn't like ironing huge loads and yes, it used to get pulled out from under the kitchen bench... I think my dad put castors on it somehow lol. Great post :0)

Sheilasembroidery said...

I remember my first machine was a reconditioned twin tub. Today was the first time this year i hung washing out. I had to give it a 1/2 hour dry in the dryer after I brought it in as it was still a bit damp.