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2 February 2011

Tuesday Stitching Group

Tuesday's are quite often my favourite day in the week, not so yesterday.  It started well I managed to complete all the HW quite early and I had a friend come for lunch and a catch up.  After that the gremlins crept in ~ The dishwasher didn't clean things, our internet was acting like a petulant teenager, I ran out of sugar (not a good place to be with biscuits to bake) and on the way to get some I got a flat tyre!  I limped it to the petrol station and it wouldn't inflate at which point I became all girlie and pathetic.  I ended up abandoning little Jazzy and walking home!

Well the Ladies came and stitched, a few were missing due to holiday and family commitments ~ but we had a lovely evening.  We have some quite diverse work going on at the moment, applique work towards quilts, cross stitch, canvas work etc it changes from time to time.

This was my planned stitching ~ Natural Bows Sampler by Sunken Treasures ~ a kit purchased at Harrogate last November and my New Year's Day start

This picture shows progress to date.  The kit came with the linen and all the threads and beads to complete.  It's a lovely piece to stitch and I plan to frame this for our room.

I decided instead to work on All You Need Is Love ~ I'm down to the last 3 heart motifs now.  As LM will be away on business for 2 days next week I plan to complete the finishing then ~ just hope I'm up to it!
Lemon biscuits turned out to be quite yummy and so simple ~ sorry no photograph ~ I will be baking them again though and will try to remember then.
My LM recovered little Jazzy after changing the wheel, he thinks a new tyre may be required so we're off to the garage this morning.  She looks a little sad with the space saver wheel on, a bit like a discarded toy!
Till next time



Barb said...

Kate,Sunken treasure is absolutely gorgeous, you are on a roll!
Hope things have improved and no more gremlins visiting.

Mouse said...

ohhhh no I missed the biscuits .... hope the gremlins have left the building and that you little car is back to normal now :) love the sunken treasures one ...I've got a summer matteres of theirs to do :) and we missed You at harrogate how did that happen ?? love mouse xxxx

Christine said...

Wow, that neutral coloured sampler is gorgeous

The Crafts House said... that you Kate!!love the blog..i like the sound of those lemon biscuits..glad you liked the button

Kate said...

Thank you Ladies - no gremlins today & little Jazzy is back to normal.
Mouse we visit Harrogate on opening day ~ when were you there?
Of course it's me Sandra ~ how many people do you know with unfinished letter racks?

Anonymous said...

What a day! Sunken Treasure looks fabulous!

Julie said...

The sampler is lovely.

How come some says just dont get any better as they go on!

Kate said...

I think it's lifes way of reminding us who is really in charge!

Val said...

Wish I could come along to your Tuesday group - I know you are just up the road from me - but not able to get :(
Make sure you come to Harrogate with the FS group this year and keep an eye out for the posts about it !

Val x