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4 February 2011

Unofficial TUSAL

So yesterday was the reveal day for TUSAL which runs on Daffycats blog - my posting is "unofficial" as I missed the deadline to join. 

Here are my ORTS collected between 1 January and 3 February - slightly longer than the official SAL.
I have been collecting them in my pincushion/ORT bag which sits next to me when I stitch but is not the most attractive way to display for this purpose.

So, this pile of gorgeousness was evicted from it's usual home of the glass lidded jar above in order to obtain a pleasing image of ORTS!  Don't you just love buttons and beads? 

GB1 missed school yesterday due to sickness but is back larger than life, this being a relative term as he stands 6' 3" and at 16 doesn't really need to be any larger!  Sleep & fluids were the required medicinal compound ~ does anybody still remember Lily the Pink? ~ which saw him back to school today.
Appointments and errands filled my day yesterday, however I did manage a visit to The Hill to see Sandra and her apprentices ~ inspiration is always available in this special place and yesterday was no exception ~ minature bear quilt and hanger, new shape of the month, deck of art.  There's even a picture of our Tuesday stitching group and one (welcome) interloper during the workshop Sandra organised for us prior to Christmas.
I have a couple of stitching finishes to show which will have to wait until next time as poor light thwarted the production of any decent photographs.

Enjoy your day ~ the weekend is almost here.



Christine said...

I remember Lily the Pink, does that make me old?
I love your button collection, hope you managed to find a new home for it now its been evicted by orts

Anonymous said...

Hello Kate - hope you don't mind me asking but what does ORT stand for? :0)

I recognise your heart box from Sandra's - it is a lovely place to go isn't it. Lovely buttons and beads.

Kate said...

Christine I'm going to say ~ only as old as me and if you don't tell I won't! In truth the ORT's were evicted shortly after the photograph! - more on that to follow.

Michelle ~ ORT stands for Old Ragged Threads. I never imagined that I would manage to complete the heart box but I love it.

Sheilasembroidery said...

I remember Lily the Pink as well. Love your button collection. I'm sure you'll find a new home for your ORTs

Lesleyanne said...

Love your orts jar - hope you manage to find them a permanent home. Lovely button and bead collection. Look forward to seeing your finishes when the light is better.

Julie said...

I remember Lily the Pink, i'll be humming that all evening now LOL

Hands into a button jar reminds me of my childhood with my gran, we often used to have to find buttons for an item she had knitted us.

Mouse said...

Love button jars or tins or boxes... there is something about running your fingers through them ... and mmmmm now am humming lily the pink .... looking forward to the photos love mouse xxxxx

Ziggyeor said...

Ohh love the buttons and beads! Nice collection of orts!

Measi said...

Hi Kate - I found you via the TUSAL main post and just wanted to pop by to say hello. Your blog is lovely (and so is the stitching!) I've followed via Google Reader and look forward to reading your posts.

Happy stitching!