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10 February 2011

Procrastination & Tears

Delaying, dilly-dallying, postponing ~ call it what you will ~ I'm guilty! Yesterday LM left at stupid o'clock to travel to London for 3 days, the GB's were in school and I was not working ~ perfect conditions for getting to grips with the finishing of "The" valentine project. Did I manage this ~ No, did I attempt to start ~ No. The whole Blue Peter scenario, of templates, cutting, lacing and the dreaded glue makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand to attention ~ so I bunked off!

First visit was to see the WP's ~ can't really be pilloried for this. You won't know this but my Dad is a proponent of natural/herbal remedies ~ admitting to ailments within his earshot is to be avoided at all cost. Unfortunately for me some kind sibling of mine had dobbed me in so I was rewarded with a 60 capsule bottle of "maintenance for the body" pills. They may bring tears to my eyes when taking them as they are huge! Lovely really but................
Next visit was to cash and carry for some necessary supplies that we were out of, I was good, I stayed on list and avoided browsing.
Then it was on to the Metro Centre - not really essential but something I had ordered was ready to be collected. This is where the tears come in, in the main square the British Heart foundation were campaigning, and selling CD's ~ they had two guys signing and I was passing they were signing this:

My favourite piece from Opera, I could not stop the tears as they were singing it so beautifully.  And so the procrastination was further extended as I needed a coffee and a sit down in order to compose myself!  The last visit before home was to drop a couple of LM's suits into the dry cleaners.  By the time I was done it was getting close to school finishing so not really worth starting on the project as the table would be required for eating.  Shameful really as it would probably be done had I just started on it ~ note to self ~ Just get on with it!

A birthday gift I was working on has now been received so I have photo's to share next time.

Happy Wednesday.



Julie said...

A busy day for you. I've got to be in the right mood to sit and make up a small project - hope you get some finishing time soon, i'm looking forward to seeing what you decided to make with the design

Lesleyanne said...

I know this feeling so well - made me chuckle.

Val said...

Oh I would have loved that Kate - ages since I have been to the Metro Centre ... Val x

Christine said...

Its funny how some days you can be busy all day and just not achieve anything isn't it?
Hope you find your finishing motivation soon

The Crafts House said...

...sounds like a packed day..lovely Liz was "on the hill" quilt creating..i loved the sunshine made me smile all day..