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5 July 2011

Sunny Weekend Report

Last weekend (June) LM and I headed off to Scotland to stay with my Sis2 and her family ~ the main purpose was to spend some time with them as we haven't been since New Year.  It was also their annual village BBQ on Saturday which we had planned to attend ~ however we spent most of Saturday chatting, snoozing, stitching, watching tennis and eating the most fabulous cream scones.  It was really quite lovely in our little family bubble that we did not want to add others to the mix ~ quite unsociable really.  So instead of the BBQ we had dinner here which was fantastic ~ huge but very tasty.  The guys were disappointed as we arrived too late for them to visit the Real Ale Shop ~ they settled for sampling some of it in the bar as consolation. The live music wafted through to the conservatory from the bar as we finished our meal ~ I love live music ~ a great evening.  Sunday after breakfast we set again for home stopping off briefly at Houghton Hall Garden Centre  for lunch and a poke around the craft department before the final part of our journey.  A wonderful weekend.

This weekend I spent mostly indoors completing some long overdue housey chores ~ serves me right for bunking off at other times!

I did manage to sneak off to The Crafts House for a few hours on Sunday morning for a spot of painting ~ can't show you any progress at the moment as I didn't finish what I started ~ my project has been "bagged-up" for when I return again.  It's a trio of owls for the wise old bird in our family ~ my wonderful Dad who will be 90 later this year. 
As always it was a lovely relaxing time and I finally got to meet a fellow blogger Michelle who has recently been persuaded to keep her blog online ~ not too sure what Sandra threatened her with!  No matter, it did the trick and online she stays to inspire us with her wonderful projects.  Also had the pleasure of company from Doreen and Lucie and Lucie's very talented daughter.  A coffee stop with Doreen rounded off my "free" time - thanks Doreen!
Now ~ a warning ~ I love my vacuum cleaner it's very efficient and does a super job, however on Saturday afternoon it bit!  You see that hose ~ well it got very tight hold of the "bingo wing" area on my left arm and would not let go and boy did that smart!  I usually have to have a pretty hard knock to get a bruise but this one came up instantly.
Shall be making every effort to avoid that in the future.



Teresa said...

Sounds like you had a lovely time with your sister. Nice you got together with a fellow blogger.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

Anonymous said...

You have such a way with words. I giggled to my hearts content reading you recount the vacuum cleaner story.Carry on the great work. X

Lesleyanne said...

Sounds like you had a lovely weekend. You see housework is bad for you.

Mouse said...

ooo sounds like you had a fab time :) just checking links ;) and housework BLAHHHHH love mouse xxxx

The Crafts House said...

..I think a tag should be attached to vacuum cleaners from now on like a " government health warning"...did make me chuckle...
and i agree Lucie Kate has a wonderful way of writing