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2 July 2011

I have Lots To Tell You

As I've been missing for a wee while ~ I thought I'd split up my posting into several small ones to prevent boredom setting in with one long one!
Firstly, thanks to all who sent kind wishes for my Mum they have been very much appreciated.  She's recovering well but the fall has definitely knocked her confidence.  She's sporting a cast on her wrist for the next four weeks but thankfully the stitches are removed and the bruising is almost gone.  Bro4 is here for the weekend and planning on taking the WP's out and about so hopefully that will give her a good lift.
It's gorgeous here so far today ~ I have almost all the laundry done and hanging in the sunshine and I still have plenty of other chores to keep me busy but I am hoping for some time to relax in the garden too.  The house is quiet as LM has taken the LM car off for a bit of TLC, GB1 is off to work and hoping for a relatively calm shift and GB2 is away for the weekend.  It's sometimes nice to have the house to yourself don't you think?

I'll leave you with a picture of All You Need Is Love by The Drawn Thread.  The stitching has been finished for quite some time as it was intended as a Valentine gift for LM.  I had originally planned a tin finish but I haven't finished anything that way before and couldn't cope with the idea of glue going wrong on this piece.  So it sat waiting until recently when I found this frame ~ it's a bit battered but I thought it would be perfect.  I love it and I hope LM does too.  Valentine's gifts are OK in July ~ right?
Have a fabulous Saturday.



Sari said...

What a lovely piece of work and stunning finish! Love the "bit battered" frames. Sunny stitchy greetings

Teresa said...

I am in love with "All you need is love". Gifts are good any time of the year.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

Lesleyanne said...

Your framed piece looks great. Glad your mum is progress well. Enjoy the quiet while you can.

Anonymous said...

Hope your mam continues to do well Kate. I agree, sometimes it is lovely to have the house to yourself for a little while... but not too long lol. Such a lovely cross-stitch and the frame you found is absolutely beautiful and sets it off perfectly.

jane said...

Glad to hear that your Mum is on the mend Kate.
Enjoy the peace and quiet, it does make a nice change doesn't it?
I love your DT finish - that frame sets it off really well.

Mouse said...

ooo glad she is doing well :) enjoy your peace and quiet and love the frame suits it beautifully :) love mouse xxxx

Sally said...

Good to hear your Mum is doing is well.

Beautiful finish. I love that frame!