Brown/Blue Spotty

6 July 2011

Mid Week Report

Isn't time passing by quickly at the moment?  Wednesday already!
The Tuesday Stitching group Ladies were at my house last night ~ eight of us in total.  Our two hours were over in what seemed like about 10 mins.  As most of my current projects are secret ones I was not able to stitch ~ should have been a bit more organised really.  I enjoyed the chatter and had one or two things to seek out for people so I wasn't totally lazy! 
I'm off to quilting group tonight and I'm planning on being more productive ~ not sure what I'll be working on yet.

Roll on the weekend ~ I have a Saturday of stitching planned.



Dani - tkdchick said...

I also find that this week is just whizzing by.

You should have another project ready to go that isn't top secret to throw people off of the scent!

Mouse said...

ooooo should have had something on the go separate that you can just whip out on occasions like this heheh... I'm off to a stitching group on Thursday night :)love mouse xxx

Julie said...

Have enjoy a blog reading catch up here Kate, you have been busy.

The weeks are whizzing by, i cant believe we are half way through July already, where did this year go to??