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31 May 2011

Anonymous Blogger Posts

I have taken a tip from Sharon on the latest Blogger issue - have you had the same problem?  I have been unable to tag my comments with my blogger identity on some blogs for a wee while - I think since the last maintenance issue.  These are Sharon's wise words on preventing this being a problem on your blog:

Extract from it's Daffycat blog:
The fix is easy. I've even posted about it before!
Change your comment form to the pop-up window type.

Easy as pie, I promise!

Go to:

Comment Form Placement

Once that is done people will have no trouble with the run-around-sign-in-error-anonymous-post bug! And they can leave thrilling comments on your latest gorgeous stitching!

Thanks so much for the tip Sharon - I managed to change mine - this proves it can't be so difficult!
I thought I would just spread the word for anyone else who has been frustrated by this.

I am way behind with so many things - only 4 posts this month tsk tsk! 
GB1 has finished school now - returning only to sit exams, GB2 is on half term holiday and it's just over a week until LM is off on his annual pilgrimage to Le Mans. 
We attended a wedding a couple of weeks ago which was absolutely fabulous ~ I can't imagine going to another like it.  A wedding planner was involved and every last detail had been thoroughly prepared for ~ down to pashminas for anyone feeling cold and flip flops for those with sore feet! 
Stitching has been sparse and secret ~ not a great combination when you blog!
Come back soon for the reveal of a special surprise package that arrived!



Val said...

I will try it out on your blog Kate cos am fed up being given the run around and it must be with updates from internet explorer cos it doesn't happen if I use Firefox browser !!

Val said...

oh ! will have to wait till you approve it lol

Val said...

It might work on your blog if I post Kate (don't know yet cos you have to approve) but it didn't work on a couple of others I just tried so sorry - that doesn't work ... Val

Val said...

Just realised this is only working now cos I am on Firefox - will go find you via internet explorer ! Val

Val said...

Hi Kate (Val here again) trying to see if it works via internet explorer trying the hints you gave earlier - if it comes in as annonymous then it doesn't work !

jane said...

I am so pleased to be able to comment on your blog at last Kate. Hope the exams go well.

Colleen said...

Kate & Sharon, thank you for the tip on the pop up comment window. It worked for me. Blogger has been not to user friendly the past couple of weeks.

Daffycat said...

Thanks for the linky, Kate! And for your kind words.

Val's comments above just crack me UP!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kate - just changed me settings (finally lol) :-)

Anonymous said...

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