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6 March 2011

Sunday Sunday

Saturday was a busy day ~ GB1 was at a Forensics Masterclass at Northumbria University as part of the Gifted and Talented Scheme run in schools.  While he was there we had the opportunity to attend an open event run for parents to get an insight into what to expect when he goes to University.  How to get information on courses/funding/accommodation etc, tips on useful websites and they also did a Q & A session at the end.  Although GB1 has absolutely no intention of going to a local university ~ too close to the olds for his liking! ~ it was useful.  We will attend open days at the places he decides he would like to study at closer to the time.

We popped to a local garden centre, bought more bird feed, had lunch there too, followed by a trip to the coast ~ to see the sea!  I love the sea, well any water really and it didn't disapoint ~ the sun was shining, the sky was a lovely pale blue and the waves were rolling in.  It always brings peace to my soul.  Note to self ~ remember to take the camera out with you!

Today I'm hoping for a calm and peaceful day ~ I do have chores but they will be interspersed with stitching and a little stash sorting too.

Enjoy your day.


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Lesleyanne said...

Sounds like a lovely day you had yesterday. I too love the sea and always feel so much better when I visit it. I have chores and stitching to do today too. Have fun.