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23 March 2011

Catch Up

Last week was my first week back to full time work and it passed very quickly.  The office is very quiet and the pace of work extremely sedate ~ quite a change from most of the other places I have worked!  This is not a complaint ~ I'm just pleasantly surprised that work can be completed within contracted hours!

It was our EG meeting on Saturday and there was a good turnout, the guest speaker told us about her life of collecting and the inspiration that brought to her work.  She brought with her a whole host of collectibles and some of her hand stitched/made items that were inspired by them. 
There was much action around the sale table due to the batches of upholstery/curtain fabric samples that were for sale.  I bought a couple of batches ~ not entirely sure where I will use them however one idea is for a covered journal/notebook ~ just don't hold your breath!  This is one of them ~ the other one is very similar but brown/cream mixes. 

I have done very little stitching over the weekend just a wee bit on my Sampler Lady.  There is plenty of planning going on at the moment and hopefully I should have some finishes to show very soon.  One will be the pincushion I completed for an exchange on The Friendly Stitchers group ~ need to wait for this to arrive with my partner first.

Tuesday stitching group was a very merry place to be last night ~ it wasn't a full compliment but we did have a lovely evening with plenty of friendly ribbing going on.   Unfortunately I did a little too much chatting which lead to mis-placed stitches that had to be reversed and then my thread did a major knotty-thing ~ so I put my stitching down.  Concentrating instead on consuming homemade cheese scones made by our lovely host ~ I could get a gold star for cheese scone eating!

I took Buzz to show off, this is the final item to be completed from a class that the lovely C and I recently attended at The Crafts House - Isn't he cute?
You can see the other items I made here.
He was made using fabric yoyos, the wings are layered with wadding and he has a stinger made with bungle bugle beads. 

LM has been to the North West today for a meeting and has more travel on the horizon during the next couple of weeks.  GB1 has completed his first two shifts at work and is now eagerly awaiting the tinkle of coinage into his bank account ~ or in other words payday!  GB2 is being laid back as per usual ~ he's a bit like Dylan from The Magic Roundabout.  I find this a little worrying at times ~ like today when he has a mock GCSE exam!

I have more pictures to share but I shall leave them until another day ~ off to do a bit of blog/group reading before bed.



Teresa said...

That bubblebee is just too cute!
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

The Crafts House said...

...i love the stinger!!.as cute as cute can Beee...

Mouse said...

ooo love the colours of the fabric :0 the bee is sooo cute :) and looking forward to seeing the photos :) love mouse xxx

Dani - tkdchick said...

That wee bee is so cute!!!

Christine said...

The little bee is adorable, I might have to have a go at making one of those.