Brown/Blue Spotty

27 March 2011

Oh Blogger!

I have a dilemma ~ Grace the lovely Sampler Lady has a mis-placed title!
Can you see that "Needleworker" is set to the left?  I'm not happy about it ~ but my dilemma is whether or not to unpick?
I know that I should as it's glaring however unpicking 1/1 is a w ee bit scary!
She's been like this since Wednesday and I am no further forward in my decision making.
In less depressing news I have laundry blowing on the line ~ one of my most favourite things!
LM has gone off on a run with the TVR Car Club down to Masham ~ I decided that my jobs should take priority over joining him today ~ lots of laundry/shopping/HW to do and I would like to start a new week all up to date.
The week ahead has much in store:
Tuesday Sitching Group at our house ~ we will be making the draw to find out who our Christmas partners are ~ have I bitten off more than I can chew in attempting to organise this!
LM is off to Stratford for business ~ I wish I could go with him.
I have my next hair appointment.
A trip to Pins & Needles, and hopefully
a decision on the dilemma!
Have a great week.



Ruth said...

Can you finish the design first and then see how you feel on it. Perhaps put it aside and then come back to it and see what you think then. Sometimes when its right in front of us its extremely obvious but might not be when put aside for a couple of days.

Mouse said...

short of unpicking eeekkk .. how about you put a tiny motif ?? little heart or flower or something maybe ??? .... I've washing on the line too ..HW all done and am going to stitch a wee bit later :) love mouse xxxx

Sally said...

Is that how it's charted Kate? I can see your dilemma but I'd be tempted to leave it as it's a lot of frogging! She is looking lovely.

Enjoy Pins and Needles!

Sheilasembroidery said...

Can you add something in the small space? make the piece original to you? If however it is really bothering you it might be worth a little frogging. When are you off to P&Ns? I might go on Thursday as DH is out for the day.

Barb said...

Hi Kate ,Oh dear hmmm if it was my descision and I have had a few over one, I would rip out the scissors on the right hand side , move them over to correspond with the position of the left hand ones and stitch a tweeny heart button in the gap you have left on the right hand side.I have one if you want it. Would that work , less unpicking than the Needleworker. Hope Grace approves .
Hugs Barb

Tricia said...

I think if it were me, I might just unpick the scissors on the right and restitch it. I know it can make it hard to look at a piece that you can *see* an error on... maybe just moving the scissors would make it so you can look at it. :-) It's SO pretty!

The Crafts House said... reminds me of when i write things to one side
on a painting project..i add dots..x's..swirls..thats why there's so many dots on my projects!!..i do like this this sampler...

Christine said...

How frustrating! I'd leave the title where it is and unpick the left hand scissors and move them a stitch to the left, I think that would rebalance it.

Maureen said...

personally i would leave it - i always feel that there are no errors in stitching, you are just making something unique!

Joy said...

I understand your frustration. I would pick the scissors on the left out and either replace with a flower/motif or stitch the scissors up and down. As Maureen said, these little errors are what make our pieces unique!

Julie said...

Good luck deciding what to do, i'd have to unpick it if it were me.

blueladie said...

Good luck with your decision Kate. I think it depends on how you feel about the piece. Personally, I would leave it, especially over 1. It looks beautiful. :) Cathryn

Milly~ said...

If it bothers you that much then frog it. You don't need to make a decision right away, just keep stitching and do it later. She's lovely so keep going!!