Brown/Blue Spotty

1 April 2014

TUSAL March 2014 # 2

As my GBs would say "amazeballs" ~ I have remembered to post my TUSAL for the third time on the trot!  Well, I am only a day late.
There are many additions to my ORTs this month ~ I don't feel like I have done that much stitching but perhaps this little heap tells a different tale!
I still haven't got a new jar ~ so I brought this gorgeous pot into play for showing my ORTs ~ this was a present from my lovely friend Carol and it usually sits on our hearth storing my various sets of headphones, somewhere the GBs would not know to "borrow" them from!
Last week the LM was really quite poorly ~ I had to bring him home from work ~ he spent several days in bed and was eating like a sparrow.  Usually, the LM battles through most things and never, and I mean NEVER, goes off his food.  I'm happy to report that normal service has been resumed ~ this makes me extremely happy.



Vickie said...

I am glad your husband is better. I hope no one else in the house gets it!

cucki said...

Glad your hubby is better
Sweet orts x