Brown/Blue Spotty

31 August 2012

August's End

Hasn't that just been the fastest month ever?  I think I blinked and missed it - or perhaps I have chosen to block it out as the weather has been so dire.

This time last year we (me, the LM and the GB's) were in France, sipping Kir Royale and celebrating our engagement ~ yes a whole year ago!  Quite a different holiday this year ~ the LM and I went to France solo in the LM car leaving the GB's home alone.  I wasn't nervous at all.......... Much!  However, we returned to find both of them alive and well and the house completely unscathed.
I do have some photographs of our trip to share but they will have to wait until I can muster some enthusiasm to a) find the camera, b) fire up the PC & c) fight with blogger to upload said photographs ~ definitely not a task for a Friday evening.

I've had quite a busy week ~ between work, shopping, a trip to Aberdeen university open day, stitching etc I'm pretty pooped now.  I'm off to visit a friend and her baby daughter tomorrow which I am really looking forward to.

Whatever your weekend holds I hope you enjoy it.



Clare - Aimetu said...

France is always a must go to place for s - and we 're now at the stage of going alone. Time moves on but we have some fab memories of holidays francas with the children and my Dad. I'm looking forward to seeing your phots - enjoy the visit to your friend's.

Julie said...

August seems to have passed me by too. Enjoy your baby cuddles.