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7 July 2012

A Trip With The LM

It's amazing how the change of one word ~ or place name ~ can suddenly make a LM business trip sound very appealing.  It's a trip that the LM has made many times while we've been together and never before have I had the urge to make the journey with him ...... until now.
Welshpool ~ never fancied it really ~ until the LM declared that he would be staying in Oswestry, and as soon as he mentioned this my ears pricked up.  Why? well because I know that The Nimble Thimble is not far from Oswestry ~ and never before have I heard of it's proximity to Welshpool ~ perhaps I should take up geography again!
So, we drove down late afternoon on Thursday a couple of weeks ago, stayed over and the following morning I deposited the LM off at his appointment and set off back to Oswestry.
Well, 8am was too early to go directly to The Nimble Thimble, so I parked up and went in search of coffee (and granola bar).  It was a warm but raining off and on.  I visited all the charity shops in search of brooches for my bouquet ~ found a couple but they had missing stones, but I did buy a vintage enamelled hair grip that I might be able to include.
I found the most incredible bead shop ~ Beadazzeled ~ what an absolute treasure trove and the owner was so lovely.  Unfortunately my parking was due to expire so I had to leave sooner than I cared.  If you're ever in the area it's most definitely worth a visit.
Then I set off for the main event.

The Nimble Thimble at Llangedwyn Mill ~ Gorgeous setting even in the wet miserable weather of the day.  And when you step inside it's difficult to know where to start looking ~ there are just so many fabulous things to take in.  Chris explained where everything was and gave details of some special offers/sales that were currently on.  I had a wonderful time leafing through all the different designers ~ I'll show you what I bought another time as I have no photographs yet ~ sorry.  Instead, here are some pictures of inside. 

 Note to self ~ must find out how to do "clever" stuff with photographs.


I hope to return soon ~ perhaps the Lovely C & I could have a road trip?  Might need to save up a bit first.
Chris was very welcoming and helpful ~ she enquired if I liked fabric as there was a quilting shop not far from Oswestry that was worth a visit.  Well, I was in the area, it seemed rude not to go.

Castle Court Quilter is spread over three rooms ~ two filled with masses of gorgeous fabrics & patterns etc and a large teaching room for classes.  Diana, the owner was busy getting ready for a local show but was really lovely and helpful.  I bought some fabric ~ what a surprise ~ however I can't show it as I have no pictures ~ Oops!  Will resolve that soon.

I can show you these gorgeous Finca perle colours ~ it's enough to make your mouth water ~ and, yes I did bring some of it home with me.  I had a very late lunch in the castle coffee shop over the road before heading back to collect the LM from where I had deposited him.  Our journey home was awful ~ it was the Friday when the Olympic festivities were cancelled in Blackpool.  I've never seen so much rain on the motorway, let alone driven in it.  I was pleased to relinquish the driving seat at Charnock Richard services, it didn't stop raining but the worst was definitely over by then.
Conclusion ~ beads, cross stitch & fabric all within a reasonable distance ~ definitely worth visiting the area.



Clare - Aimetu said...

We drive through Welshpool to go to the caravan - it's a lovely town. We've stopped there a couple of times too.

Nimble Thimble looks amazing, maybe one trip we'll have to detour north slightly and pop by.

Lesleyanne said...

Looks like you had a great time.

Stitching Kath said...

I visit the nimble thimble several times per year and I am sill like a kid in a sweet shop when I go

Julie said...

I've been to Welshpool in the past but never Nimble Thimble,it looks a lovely welcomming place.

Christine said...

That looks like a wonderful shop

Mouse said...

Chris is great at the nimble thimble and glad you had a fab time and can't wait to see your goodies too and didn't it rain ... glad you got back safely :) love mouse xxxx

Shaunterria Owens said...

What a nice trip... Can't wait to see pictures of all the great stash you managed to snag :)


Lindsay said...

I'm a big fan of The Nimble Thimble and think of it as my LNS!

I've heard of Bedazzled but have yet to make it there, really must make the effort sometime after all I go past Oswestry to get to NT