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4 July 2012

Summer Exchange

As reveal day has now passed I can show you the summer exchange pieces from Needlecraft Haven.
This is the lovely bag, recipe book and card that I received from Dusty.  It's already had a couple of outings - yesterday it carried a little quilt top to Just Quilting to get wadding, backing and binding fabric, and last night it carried my sewing to Tuesday Stitching Group.  It's a great size and I love it - thanks so much Dusty.
I think it will be coming to France to carry my holiday stitching.

 I stitched this design for Barb ~ I know that The Sampler Girl's design are favourites of hers.  That and the subject matter made it perfect.  It was a dream to stitch and I finished it as a pillow with pockets added on the reverse side.  I am so pleased that Barb likes it.
I've signed up to do the Autumn exchange too so I'm currently looking out designs that would be appropriate.

Today my main task is stash organising, I have stuff spread out all over the place trying to get it into some semblance of order ~ it's a job that has needed doing for quite some time.  I'm hoping to get it all finished today and also get my database updated.

Wish me luck!



Mouse said...

oooo lovely exchanges :) and good luck with the stash organising :) love mouse xxxxx

Barb said...

Nice gift from Dusty Kate,but I have to say I l-o-v-e my pillow.
I too have signed up for Autumn exchange.

Lesleyanne said...

Lovely exchanges both sent and received. Good luck sorting your stash out.

Shanda said...

i just adore that pillow. 'Is there instructions on how to make it somewhere?

Julie said...

This was such a fun exchange, your little pillow is wonderful and a great idea of Dusty's that came your way.

Christine said...

Two great exchange gifts there. I've signed up for autumn too

Giovanna said...

Gorgeous exchange gifts - well done to you both!

Clare - Aimetu said...

Lovely gifts Kate - it was another fabulous exchange, glad you've signed up for Autumn too