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27 January 2012

ORTs, Travelling Pattern & Secret Quilting

First ORT report of the year and I'm late ~ it's been that kind of week though!
So these are mine ~ current ones on the left obviously ~ I decided to keep going with another Christmas bauble, also pictured is last year's full bauble which I plan to somehow stitch 2011 on a fabric scrap to keep inside.  I'll do the same for 2012's collection.  It doesn't look like much stitching has been achieved when you look at the wee pile.
Last week I was the lucky recipient of the Travelling Pattern - Count Your Blessings by Shakespeare's Peddler.
This picture was taken earlier in the week ~ I'm stitching on linen band which I bought in France while on holiday last year.  I've counted (twice) and it seem to be 35ct, I've been waiting to use it and it seemed perfect for this project.  I had all but two of the recommended threads in my stash ~ I'm trying to stitch from stash only, so I just substituted a couple in their place.  I'm hoping to be finished this piece over the weekend so if you would like to be the next stitcher check back.
I spent the day at Just Quilting on Saturday and these are the fabrics I was playing with ~ can't share what I've made yet, it's for Sis2 and although she doesn't read me I'd like her to see it first.  Sis2 & her DH are visiting the North East for the weekend, staying with the Pater, so I will get to give her birthday present to her in person ~ last time that happened was 5 years ago! 
I'm off now to complete my shopping online, although less work it's still a pain.  I expect we'll be busy all weekend, I have a pile of ironing that is starting to resemble Ben Nevis so obviously I'm really looking forward to that......  and to top that there's more laundry too, lucky me!
I'll be back soon with a finish to share, hopefully two, ironing permitting.



Barb said...

Oh as you like laundry so much Kate ,I will send you some of mine!
Love your fabric you are doing the Blessings on.
Fabric for Sis 2 birthday is so nice. Look forward to seeing "What it is yet?"

Lesleyanne said...

Your orts look great. Lovely progress on the travelling pattern.

Julie said...

The travelling pattern is going to be superb on the banding.
Happy Birthday wishes to your sister, have a wonderful time together.

Michelle said...

Love the colours of the fabric Kate xx

cucki said...

orts are looking so lovely..
i truly love the fabric you stitching the traveling pattern..i hope i am the next one who can stitch it..
big hugs cucki xxx

RuthB said...

Oooo lovely stitching! Congrats on your progess and on getting to deliver bday greeting to your sister in person. :) Now about that ironing and laundry.... oh the joy! Have fun :)

Nicola said...

Happy birthday Sis2. It's amazing how ironing piles grow and grow.

Christine said...

The travelling pattern is looking good, I really like it on that gingham fabric.
Beautiful colour combination for your quilting project

Joysze said...

ORTs and the travelling pattern looks great, Kate. Love the quilting fabbies. They match you blog. :D