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12 January 2012

Rude Awakening

Morning all.
The wind is back in the NE again - not happy! I was rudely awoken at 05:30'ish by the delightful sound of the car alarm (the under two covers LM car alarm) going off - found keys and went to investigate only to discover that the underneath cover had somehow managed to come off the car and was swirling around in the road. The top cover, which is tied onto the car, was off the front and flapping away furiously. If the two covered car was a puzzle on the Krypton Factor I doubt whether anyone would solve how the bottom one manages to disengage itself from the car from underneath the top cover. Anyhow, this puzzling event usually happens when The LM is away from home and I have been known to grab the nearest fleece and whatever shoes are in the hall to chase the dratted things down the street (one night it was oversized sweater on top of PJ's with sling back shoes!). Actually GB1 was the last person to play chase the cover back in December, the neighbours are probably still scarred from seeing a 6' 3" beanpole of a teenager running down the street in his dressing gown chasing a car cover!
I wasn't feeling particularly benevolent this morning so I promptly advised the dazed, half awake LM that he needed to go fetch the covers - perhaps not the kindest thing I've done so far this year!
Hopefully Thirsday will improve as it goes along.



Anonymous said...

I keep a lovely man for just such events like chasing car covers around the streets of the Northeast. I do hope your thursday improves. Hope to see you at Diary Dames meeting on Sunday. X

butterfly said...

This wind drives me mad , my poor DH was so stress out last week, picking up empty cartons from peoples bins, there must have been over 100 all over the road before the dustbin men came.
Hope you found your car cover.

Julie said...

Lol, sorry Kate, that gave me a giggle ths morning, sounds just like our house except it's usually one of the recycling bins the night it's been emptied. DH here has been known to go out in tshirt and underpants!

Happy Thursday x

Nicola said...

Why do things like this happen when the men aren't around to sort them out?

Dani - tkdchick said...

Oh goodness I don't do well with rude awakenings!!