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10 June 2011

Mystery Purchase

Cast your mind back to March and The Pins & Needles Exhibition at the Newcastle Arena ~ if you can remember what I was rambling on about back then you will be my hero!
I made a mystery purchase at the exhibition which I promised to show once I had found the finishing touch for it ~

This is an old mill bobbin converted to a lamp ~ it came without a shade. The original one I bought was the same colour & shape but far too small, so it was returned and this larger one bought in it's place.

 When it was converted felt was added to the bottom so it's fit to sit on any surface.
The picture to the right shows the label on top ~ I'm not too sure why I didn't turn the lamp before I photographed this!
I love the light my mystery purchase casts ~ I really like the reflection too.

I just love this lamp.

Tomorrow, or it might be today by the time this post is published, I am off to The Crafts House for a spot of painting/crafting.  The lovely C and I have signed up for the four seasonal crafting sessions.  The Spring session was back in March and you can see what we did here and here.  We have no idea what we will be making ~ only that it will be summer themed.  We do know however, that we will enjoy ourselves ~ Sandra always makes sure of it.

I managed another 30 minutes cycling after work ~ I didn't feel like it but it had to be done.  I'll try to get out again over the weekend, GB2 may come with me ~ but I will probably have to cycle 5 metres behind him so as not to damage his street cred!  It's likely that I will be much further behind him ~ he has teenage legs!
It's just me and the GB's this weekend ~ LM is away in France camping with a group from the TVR Club, they've gone to watch 24 Heures du Mans.  He'll return home creaking from sleeping on a camp bed, possibly pink from too much sun exposure, unshaven, full of silly boy tales and probably malnourished from a diet of pot noodle and haribo star mix.  I'm sure it will all be great.
I don't know about you but I'm looking forward to the weekend ~ enjoy whatever you may be doing.



Christine said...

Wow Kate, the lamp is gorgeous!
Enjoy your craft session

Mouse said...

ohhhh very nice :) and yep thing the bigger shade suits it well :) good for you getting out and about ad its going to higher your street cred cycling with a young un have a great weekend mouse xxxx

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhh I'm in love with your lamp - how perfect. The mill bobbin is just beautiful and what a great idea to turn it into a lamp base. Hope you had a blast at the workshop x

Kate said...

OK a number of people have let me know that they are not able to post comments ~ I've tweaked the setings a wee bit in the hope that it helps!