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14 November 2013

Who Knew?

That I would be such a bad blogger?

We've been busy with one or two things since way before the wedding - which is now some 108 days ago!  I haven't just counted this ~ I installed a countdown app on my phone and it has continued to count.

It was a summer of exams ~ A Level for GB1 & AS Level for GB2
Both boys have now passed their driving tests - GB1 in the summer and GB2 this week
The LM had an unpleasant experience after collecting his car from a service at the dealership ~ a few weeks before the wedding
Making favours, boutonnieres and assorted other bits n bobs
GB1 had lung surgery ~ 13 days before the wedding
The wedding ~ we had an awesome day
The wedding party ~ back at home
Honeymoon ~ European tour in the TVR
Installing GB1 at university
Weekends away in Blackpool (there was a valid reason for going there) Scotland & Cumbria (sort of)
and more work.

I hope you can forgive me?

We're slowly getting back to some kind of normality and now C*****mas is on the horizon.  Stitching (other than wedding stuff) has appeared in my life again and I joined the French SAL La Pensee Positive.

This is Part II finished and I am now almost finished Part III, just a few sheep and a rabbit to complete. 
Stitched on Sparklies Barely Bronzed 36ct Edinburgh with the recommended threads.
This has been so lovely to stitch ~ I decided to stitch the French version but it is available in English, Italian, Spanish & German and possibly more too ~ it can be found here.

Part IV is due to be released next month.

I'll leave you with a photograph of the sunset over the Tyne ~ I was going to Newcastle to run a couple of errands and collect the LM from the station and couldn't resist driving onto Riverside Drive to capture this.  Not the best photograph ever as it was taken on my phone, but I like it.
See you soon.



Mouse said...

helloooo nice to see you blogging again but will forgive you as you have been rather busy and WAHHHHH you didn't mention meeting up with me and Chris *sniff
love the sampler ... must get mine started and your sunset is gorgeous :) love mouse xxxxxx

cucki said...

Such a sweet sal..
Sending you big hugs deary..
Love u x

Christine said...

Lovely stitching Kate, and a gorgeous photo of the river

Barb said...

Great to see a post from you Kate. Look forward to seeing your Jardin Prive grow,there are quite a few doing this pretty one,.
Gosh what a time you have had no wonder you have been missing. Just keep well and safe in all your journeying.

Julie said...

Superb pic of the sunset over the river and the JP SAL looks lovely.

Denise SA said...

Hi Kate love your photograph
Let's hope gets slower and more manageable in the near future

ricketyjo said...

wow, you have been busy. I LOVE that photograph over the Tyne, beautiful.

Sally said...

It's lovely too you back Kate.

Your Jardin Prive SAL is looking so pretty.

Love the photo.