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5 December 2012

The Dog Ate My Homework

We don't have a dog.
It's just my way of explaining my prolonged absence from this place.
An alternative phrase is - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

The Good
The LM's business has been tremendously busy since launching a software update at a trade show back in September.  There was much work to do leading up to the exhibition, however since then he has been working silly hours to keep on top of the additional business that has been generated.  Leading to

The Bad
10 - 12 hour days in the office, starting again at home after dinner, working weekends and many trips away from home.  Not much time to spend keeping up with household stuff, with the GB's or each other.  Yes it is frustrating, bordering on annoying at times, however it's business, it's paying off and it brings additional stability - in these dark economic times.....  Unfortunately anxiety and stress lead to

The Ugly
My usual LM - the one with the sunny disposition, heaps of patience and lots of time for everybody has temporarily disappeared - I understand why and I'll just wait for his return.  A couple of weeks ago his lower back went into spasm ~ now that was very ugly ~ it's slowly returning to normal however it added to the frustration.  There have been other health issues in the house too, the usual coughs, sniffles and sneezes as well as a trip to A&E for GB1 ~ it wasn't good, he is recovering but may have future issues.  Don't you just hate your babies having pain?

So although the dog didn't eat my homework we have had a few things on our plate that have eroded the time I had for doing lovely things ~ like stitching & posting & blog reading, & painting etc
I have managed some stitching as I joined a couple of ornament exchanges ~ one has been received (pictures next time as camera battery has expired) and the other is on it's way over the pond.  There has been a disaster with an Autumn exchange ~ which disappeared into some kind of black hole ~ a second piece has now been sent and I'm waiting for news of it's arrival.  The Winter exchange is due to be mailed this week and I'm on track for that, then I just have a secret Santa piece to finish for next Tuesday.  So, there should be lots of pictures to show you, and hopefully soon.
I'm of to hide my homework from the imaginary dog........



Julie said...

Life can certainly throw some spanners in the works Kate, it's been a bit stressful here too. I fully understand the self employed side, you have to grab the work when you can. I suspect DH's back was caused by stress and tension. I hope it soon heals for him. (((Big hugs)))

Christine said...

Oh dear Kate, I hope things improve soon. I know the feeling, you can't afford to turn work away, but sometimes it takes over.
Had to chuckle at your post title by the way. I've only ever had a kid try that line on me once. I laughed so hard I ended up letting him off.

Ma Teakettle said...

Sending hugs Kate, and take time to care for yourself so you stay healthy, girl.

Denise SA said...

Dear Kate it's so awful when an exchange piece goes missing .
Hoping that things get better

Dani - tkdchick said...

Sorry to hear life has gotten too busy to enjoy the simple things!!!