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24 June 2012

Lots to Tell

It's been quite some time since I was here last ~ lots of things have been going on, some good some not so good however we're not going to get bogged down with that.
Since I was last here:
  • The LM and I took a trip to Scotland in the LM car with a group from the TVR Club ~ we extended our stay to spend a few days on the Isle of Skye which was absolutely beautiful.  I'll post some pictures another time.
  • We've booked our wedding, issued save the date letters, bought tartan and started a collection of brooches
  • I finished a stitchery and did a class to make it into a project roll ~ pictures soon
  • I had a trip to London with the LM while he was there on business ~ I walked forever ~ visiting some of the places I was taken to as a child by the WP's.  Too much walking stopped me doing anything at all the following day!
  • GB1 has finished his AS Level exams
  • GB2 has completed his GCSE exams
  • I had a trip to Penrith for a stitching day
  • LM has had his boy's week in Le Mans for the 24 hour race
  • I had a "finishing" weekend
  • GB1 has spent the last week on a medical shadowing work experience in a local hospital
  • LM & I were in Wales Thursday/Friday - unfortunately the LM was working however I was able to visit some fabulous places ~ report soon
  • I haven't stitched enough!
Last weekend was IHSW and I had decided to make it a finishing weekend ~ the cutting mat, sewing machine, ironing board and various other bits of paraphernalia were permanent features the whole weekend.  I had a lovely time ~ I managed 6 finishes (well 5 really as one was completed earlier in the week).  One is an exchange piece that I can't share until after reveal day which is 30 June and one a birthday present which is yet to be given to the recipient.  These are the others:

This is Lizzie Kate's Ho Ho Ho in a Row which I have made into a small pillow finish using some fabric I bought at the Harrogate show last November from a range called Ready Steady Snow.  It's  lovely & bright and suits the design well.  I was going to use the same fabric to finish Jolly Holiday also by Lizzie Kate but didn't get round to it.

Next is Wee Santa 2005 from Heart in Hand.
Another pillow finish with fabric bought from Just Quilting not with anything specific in mind but I like how it turned out.  Same fabric was used for back.

This is Herbert, also from Heart in Hand ~ you may notice that he isn't signed or dated, Herbert was started in 2007 on a flight to Germany for work.  Back then the only pieces I signed where those I did for other people.  Same fabric range as above but a slightly smaller pillow.

Smaller pillow again, same fabric range ~ this is Whee Willie another Heart in Hand design.

And here's the trio all together ~ I am delighted with how they have turned out.  I am also very pleased that they have become "something" rather than just finished stitched pieces sitting in a drawer, I look forward to displaying them in our home at Christmas.  I hope that those of you who participated in the IHSW enjoyed your creative time as much as I did.
I have tons of blog reading to catch up with ~ can't promise to leave comments but I will be reading all your updates. 
Until next time.



Mouse said...

ooo nice to catch up with everything :) when have you booked for the wedding ??
hope the boys results are all they ask for :)
gorgeous pillows .. simply fab fabric :)
looking forward to seeing the ones you couldn't show us just yet :)
have a great week :) love mouse xxxx

Lesleyanne said...

Sounds like you have been very busy. Your finishes are stunning. I particularly like the L*K finish but thats probably because I have it to stitch.

Julie said...

A lot of bloggers seem to busy at the moment,that I clues me too and the stitching mojo seems to be taking a. It of a vacation too!

Stunning finishes, they are beautiful, well done Kate. Roll on 30th June for the opening date of the summer exchange lol.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Kate lots of great things!!! Congrats on booking your wedding!!!

Lovely finishes, congratulations!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

ooo, when's the wedding? Should we all wear hats online? LOL.
I love all your pillow finishes, they look so neat and well sewn together.

Mindi said...

Love the finishes, especially the piecing you did for the L*K Ho Ho Ho.

Denise said...

I believe its that time of year where everyone is busy, busy, busy. your finishes are beautiful. I need to plan a finish weekend some time. I too have been working on getting caught up on my blog reading.
Happy Stitching

Maureen said...

Oh weddings are so exciting! Love all your finishes..great choice of backing fabric